NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
advent-of-code-2021My solutions for AoC 2021 Jake Bauer2022-11-30 23:39
advent-of-code-2022My solutions for AoC 2022 Jake Bauer2022-12-18 00:13
browser.pyWorking through the exercises at Jake Bauer2023-02-28 18:10
cgit-configMy cgit configuration. Jake Bauer2020-07-28 01:39
clojurecemberMy attempt to learn at least a little bit of Clojure each day in December Jake Bauer2022-12-23 02:44
dotfilesConfiguration for the software I use. Jake Bauer2023-03-25 22:42
jaderune.netFiles for Jake Bauer2022-09-29 03:34
jbauer.caFiles for Jake Bauer2022-01-06 04:25 Gemini-based Wiki Jake Bauer2022-03-20 18:19
kontaktdbStore, retrieve, and edit basic contact information in plain text. Jake Bauer2020-06-15 01:13
paritybit.caFiles for 2023-03-29 22:53
paritybotA fun IRC bot. Jake Bauer2021-10-18 07:45
project-eulerMy solutions to the problems on Jake Bauer2021-12-29 20:47
sbsA Simple Blogging System. Jake Bauer2023-03-17 23:55
simple-highlightA small chromium extension to make highlighting pages on the fly easier. Jake Bauer2022-09-18 16:37
simple-web-countdownA simple, configurable web page which counts down to a particular time. Jake Bauer2021-07-09 00:23
usrmntA small utility to mount devices from the command line. Jake Bauer2020-02-27 02:15
vim-dieter-ramsA light Vim color scheme based on Dieter Rams colours Jake Bauer2022-09-24 18:12
vim-fastlineA custom lean vim statusline. Jake Bauer2022-08-27 00:57
vim-monochromeMy fork of Jake Bauer2023-03-07 22:41