paritybit.caMarkdown, CSS, public files, and build scripts for my website.jbauer@paritybit.ca13 days
misc-scriptsVarious miscellaneous scripts I have created over time.jbauer@paritybit.ca2 months
kontaktdbStore, retrieve, and edit basic contact information in plain text.jbauer@paritybit.ca2 months
usrmntA small utility to mount devices from the command line.jbauer@paritybit.ca2 months
vim-fastlineMy custom vim statusline.jbauer@paritybit.ca2 months
fp-ddbDigital dispatch board system.jbauer@paritybit.ca2 months
python-xmpp-botA Python-based XMPP bot.jbauer@paritybit.ca2 months
python-irc-botA Python-based IRC bot.jbauer@paritybit.ca2 months
cgit-configMy cgit configuration.jbauer@paritybit.ca2 months
dotfilesConfiguration for the software I use.jbauer@paritybit.ca3 weeks
slstatusFork of slstatus with my customisations. (See 'custom' branch.)
stFork of st with my customisations. (See 'custom' branch.)jbauer@paritybit.ca2 months
dwmFork of dwm with my customisations. (See 'custom' branch.)
dmenuFork of dmenu with my customisations. (See 'custom' branch.)
slockFork of slock with my customisations. (See 'custom' branch.)jbauer@paritybit.ca2 months
deploy-systemDeploy a Debian system with my configurations.jbauer@paritybit.ca2 months