Configuration for the software I use.
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,8 +1,5 @@ # Dotfiles -This repository contains configuration files for the software I use. There's not -much here anymore compared to when I crafted my own DE. - I am typically using a ksh-based shell, hence no `.bashrc` or similar. Shell configuration is in `.shrc` and sourced using the `ENV` environment variable from `.profile`. @@ -10,3 +7,14 @@ from `.profile`. The .Xresources file is not necessarily used as terminal configuration if the terminal I'm using doesn't support it. In that case it just acts as a reference for my preferred terminal colour scheme. + +## Installation + +Run the script `` which clones the dotfiles repository, makes the +directories I need, and does some other miscellaneous stuff. + +The script is intended to be run on a fresh install using a command such as: + +``` +ftp -o - | sh - +```