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diff --git a/xmpp.html b/xmpp.html @@ -27,18 +27,22 @@ group chat capabilities as well as voice and video calling. Some recommended clients to use are:</p> <ul> - <li>Dino on Linux and Open/FreeBSD (and MacOS if you're not afraid to compile it from source)</li> - <li>Gajim on Linux, Open/FreeBSD, Windows, or MacOS</li> + <li>Gajim on Linux, BSDs, Windows, or MacOS</li> + <li>Dino on Linux and BSDs (and MacOS if you're not afraid to compile it from source)</li> <li>Conversations on Android</li> <li>Monal on iOS and MacOS</li> + <li>BeagleIM on MacOS</li> + <li>Snikket on iOS</li> <li>Profanity on any *nix system (terminal-based)</li> </ul> <p>Here is how to get connected with one of the more popular clients, Gajim:</p> <ol> <li>Download and install Gajim from the <a href="https://gajim.org/download/">Gajim website</a> or by using your operating system's package manager;</li> - <li><b>More steps to come once Gajim 1.4 is released as it is currently undergoing a big re-design.</b></li> + <li>Make sure you install the OMEMO plugin as well if you want to use end-to-end encrypted messaging (usually this is as easy as installing a package like 'gajim-plugin-omemo' and restarting Gajim)</li> + <li>Log in using your handle (e.g. yourname@jaderune.net) and password;</li> + <li>Explore the interface and get chatting!</li> </ol> - <p>Happy chatting!</p> + <p>Don't forget you can ask for help in our General chatroom at any time. Happy chatting!</p> </main> </body> </html>