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2023-05-16 17:31Update JRN descriptionJake Bauer1+1-1
2022-09-29 03:34Update cost for domainJake Bauer1+1-1
2022-09-25 14:56Update index.htmlJake Bauer1+3-3
2022-09-25 14:53Fix missing semicolon in xmpp guideJake Bauer1+1-1
2022-09-25 14:43Improve XMPP instructionsJake Bauer1+8-4
2022-08-10 00:15Update websiteJake Bauer3+23-16
2021-10-06 02:38Update JR.net websiteJake Bauer3+147-151
2021-09-15 04:53Update CSS and Mumble for better image displayJake Bauer2+23-5
2021-09-15 04:45Add beginnings of XMPP guideJake Bauer1+44-0
2021-09-15 04:45Optimize logo for faviconJake Bauer1+0-0
2021-09-15 04:45Add instructions for connecting to MumbleJake Bauer6+53-0
2021-09-15 03:41Minor style fixJake Bauer1+1-1
2021-09-15 03:39Update currency conversion for domain costJake Bauer1+1-1
2021-09-15 03:37Fix .→, for EUR currency valueJake Bauer1+1-1
2021-09-15 00:44Tweak max-width of page contentJake Bauer1+1-1
2021-09-15 00:41Update JRN descriptionJake Bauer2+13-26
2021-09-12 07:41Update READMEJake Bauer1+0-2
2021-08-04 10:10Add hostnames fileJake Bauer1+34-0
2021-06-14 01:22Add domain currency conversion and total cost to servicesJake Bauer1+2-1
2021-06-14 01:22Fix minor typos in translationsJake Bauer3+5-5
2021-06-13 23:57Merge pull request 'German translation' (#1) from chaihron/jaderune.net:master into masterJake Bauer7+220-32
2021-06-11 22:34Delete old rules in GermanChaihron1+0-29
2021-06-11 22:28Adds German localizationChaihron6+220-3
2021-06-10 16:35Jitsi service is now liveJake Bauer1+2-2
2021-06-09 10:18Overhaul websiteJake Bauer8+190-352
2021-05-12 03:04Update status page linkJake Bauer1+5-4
2021-04-14 06:50Add German rules translationJake Bauer2+154-0
2021-04-08 05:05Make simplified rules clearerJake Bauer1+1-1
2021-04-08 04:56Add simplified rules sectionJake Bauer1+23-3
2021-04-08 04:45Update services page and CSSJake Bauer2+11-6
2021-02-01 06:56Fix bug with button links on services pageJake Bauer1+3-0
2021-02-01 05:37Remove redundant CSS ruleJake Bauer1+0-3
2021-02-01 05:31Fix card sizing on med-sized screensJake Bauer1+6-0
2021-02-01 04:37Add a TODO to the readmeJake Bauer1+6-2
2021-02-01 04:37Flesh out services pageJake Bauer2+107-17
2021-02-01 02:02Minor modifications to rulesJake Bauer1+35-11
2021-01-23 04:13Add website filesJake Bauer6+401-0
2021-01-23 03:07Initial commitJake Bauer2+354-0