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      1 # Knowledgebase
      3 This is a Gemini-based knowledgebase or wiki I created to store various notes
      4 about things from recipes to my homelab setup.
      6 ## Why Gemini?
      8 [Gemini]( is an efficient, minimal protocol for
      9 serving information over the Internet. It fills my needs for a wiki perfectly,
     10 as it's designed to present information in a very efficient way and does not
     11 require a ton of fiddling with stylesheets, server setup, or TLS certificate
     12 management (self-signed certs are encouraged in the Gemini community). I can
     13 just open up my text editor and input information onto a page.
     15 Gemini also allows me to very efficiently access my wiki over a slow connection
     16 using minimal (command-line based, if necessary) applications. The use of TLS is
     17 not a concern since any PC from the last 20 years is fast enough to be able to
     18 use TLS and I don't plan to use this wiki with anything older.