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diff --git a/archive/ b/archive/ @@ -1,301 +0,0 @@ -## Dungeons & Dragons Podcast - -[//]: # "The D&D podcast! Where rules are broken and lives are ruined." - -[//]: # "base.min.css" - -<a href="/share/dnd-podcast-feed.xml"><img src="/img/feed-icon.png" -width="20px" height="20px" alt="RSS_ICON"></img> Subscribe via RSS!</a> - -<a href="#episodes">Jump to the Episodes</a> - -<a href="#latest">Jump to the Latest Episode</a> - -### Introduction - -My friend group recently started doing a Dungeons and Dragons (5th edition) -campaign and we thought it would be a cool idea to record and upload it to -share with the world. We are a group of seven players: one Dungeon Master (DM) -and six people playing characters. Our experience ranges from absolute novice -(aka me) to quite experienced (e.g. our DM). - -WARNING: This campaign contains bent rules and broken dreams. We play to have -fun and we may stretch or break the canon rules. If you're a stickler for said -rules, you may want to look for another podcast else you may walk away -frustrated and hating all of us. - -Our adventurers' humble beginnings take place in the Promethean Reach. This -land holds many peoples, from the kind-hearted and generally -culinarily-inclined Halflings, to the proud Dwarves in their mighty dwarfholds, -to the somewhat secretive Elves in their forest enclaves. - -The Reach takes its name from Prometheus, Life-Giver. This massive tree, -visible from miles upon miles away, has stood watch over this region since time -immemorial. - -<br/> - -### Players and Characters - -<div class="wrap"> -<h4><u>Dungeon Master (DM)</u></h4> -<p><strong>Player:</strong> Leon (Lémon)</p> -<p><strong>Race:</strong> Human (We think)</p> -<p><strong>Class:</strong> Dungeon Master</p> -<p> -<strong>Backstory:</strong> -With the help of far too much time on his hands, Leon has come up with a story -that brought us all together to make this D&D campaign. He has played more -campaigns than he cares to admit and has even DMed once. He is fairly confident -in his level of knowledge about the 5th edition rules and thinks this campaign -will go... "okay, I guess". -</p> -</div> - -<div class="wrap"> -<h4><u>Tygbar "Tyg" Frostbeard</u></h4> -<p><strong>Player:</strong> Jake</p> -<p><strong>Race:</strong> Dwarf</p> -<p><strong>Class:</strong> Wizard</p> -<p> -<strong>Backstory:</strong> -Tygbar grew up in the slums outskirting the Dwarven stronghold -known as Severgard and was taken in by Qualen Quillsharpener—a Gnome wizard who -promised an apprenticeship to Tygbar—after noticing Tygbar's unique magical -abilities for a Dwarf. However, Tygbar mostly ended up doing menial chores and -was never directly taught by Qualen only ever learning things in passing and -through reading Qualen's notes. One day, Qualen was attacked in his tower by an -Orcish raid which Tygbar tried to stop but was too late. Now Tygbar is left to -fend for himself carrying only basic supplies, Qualen's spellbook which he now -uses as his own, and a magically sealed letter from Qualen addressed to him. -</p> -</div> - -<div class="wrap"> -<h4><u>Five</u></h4> -<p><strong>Player:</strong> Daniel</p> -<p><strong>Race:</strong> Warforged</p> -<p><strong>Class:</strong> Artificer</p> -<p> -<strong>Backstory:</strong> -Five was created by Qualen Quillsharpener years before Tygbar ever met him. -Five maintains a shop in Severgard selling odds and ends and doing whatever -bits of research interest him. Five makes occasional visits to Qualen's tower -and one day he is contacted by Tygbar with the news that Qualen has been -murdered. After a brief investigation, they both set out towards the Hinlands -in search of possible answers and something to do. -</p> -</div> - -<div class="wrap"> -<h4><u>Drax Back-Healer</u></h4> -<p><strong>Player:</strong> Arnold</p> -<p><strong>Race:</strong> Goliath</p> -<p><strong>Class:</strong> Paladin</p> -<p> -<strong>Backstory:</strong> -Raised on the streets of a Giant city, Drax Back-Healer has fought in the arena -for years with his brother Drax Back-Breaker. After fighting a creature far -above even their strength, Drax Back-Breaker got wounded and Back-Healer had -to carry him from the arena grounds. He got so grievously wounded that -Back-Healer had to pray for his brothers recovery...his praying was -eventually answered by a mysterious entity known as Hoar, he healed his -brother in exchange for a mission of faith—of vengeance—which has -brought Drax to the caravan heading for the Hinlands. -</p> -</div> - -<div class="wrap"> -<h4><u>Fera</u></h4> -<p><strong>Player:</strong> Val</p> -<p><strong>Race:</strong> Firbolg</p> -<p><strong>Class:</strong> Ranger</p> -<p> -<strong>Backstory:</strong> -A ranger who was raised in the forest, secluded from the civilizations of other -races, her home was destroyed by what appears to be undead. Now orphaned and -alone, she adventures to track down who destroyed her home, and why. Not much -is known about her due to her seclusion. -</p> -</div> - -<div class="wrap"> -<h4><u>Sicar Blood-Scale</u></h4> -<p><strong>Player:</strong> Nick</p> -<p><strong>Race:</strong> Dragonborn (Red)</p> -<p><strong>Class:</strong> Barbarian</p> -<p> -<strong>Backstory:</strong> -Weighing in at 365lbs and 6'9" with two, tri-tipped, black horns that stick out -backwards. A long scar extends from his amber coloured right eye, down past his -mouth to his neck. He wears nothing but an off-white shirt with black pants, -his long, clawed feet protruding from the bottom of his figure. Under his shirt -he has line-art metal drawings cauterized into his body. Including a long -dragon winding up his arm, a pauldron of skulls on his shoulders, a tribal -tattoo of fire on his lower back, and a heavy, double-chain necklace which is -only connected at the back. He carries two serrated scimitars made of bleached -white bone from tip to handle with black leather wrappings and small teeth-like -bones dangling from them. They glow with a black energy. When angry, his metal -tattoos heat up and start to glow red hot. He's basically just really scary and -nobody knows much about him. -</p> -</div> - -<div class="wrap"> -<h4><u>Alexander Kalashnikov</u></h4> -<p><strong>Player:</strong> Dan</p> -<p><strong>Race:</strong> Human</p> -<p><strong>Class:</strong> Gunslinger (Hombrew Fighter Subclass)</p> -<p><strong>Backstory:</strong> -Alexander always loved tinkering with weapons. When he met a gnome, tinkering -with some mysterious substance they called “black powder”—used as a catalyst -for fireworks—he had a revolutionary idea. Years of hard work and dozens of -failed trials later, he succeeded in creating his invention. The first of its -kind: the firearm.</p> -<p> -Thereafter, he became a man of action. Enlisting with the Second Sun mercenary -company, he made a name for himself during the Throneswar, aiding in the design -and operation of the mighty ballistae that brought down the Dragonthrone -Empire’s fearsome flying artillery. In the end, the credit didn’t go to him; -though he left the war highly decorated, the Mithril Throne’s victory against -the Dragonborn was largely attributed to the invention and deployment of the -Warforged. To this day, he carries a burning resentment and fierce disdain of -what he sees as nothing more than “glorified tin cans”; a waste of resources, -that could have instead armed every soldier with his invention, the “gun”.</p> -<p> -After the war, he chose to retire, starting up a small smithy in the Mithril -Throne city of Chane. Over time, his business steadily grew, and the relics of -his time in battle gathered dust in the attic. All this changed when he met -Sicar. Suddenly, he was reminded of the good old days; he remembered just how -fun it all was, the glory of combat and victory therein. Right then and there -he decided: he was going for a little field trip. His trusty assistant would -take over the business; he would be off on an adventure.</p> -</div> - -<br/> - -<a name="episodes"></a> -### Episodes - -Each episode is approximately 3-4h long. Right now the upload schedule is quite -irregular as people leave for early-summer vacations and get settled into their -altered summer schedules. - -All of the episodes are offered in 3 different formats: an MP4 and two -audio-only MP3 options of different qualities. These are offered to cater to -those who may have bandwidth limitations. - -<div class="wrap"> -<h4><u>Episode 1 – "We should use Roll-20" [April 06, 2019]</u></h4> -<p>In this premiere episode, we meet our adventurers as they all happen to have -taken the same caravan to the Hinlands. Our adventurers have varied aims. -Adventure and glory for some; knowledge and power for others. Some are there on -a holy quest; others are there on a quest for nothing but vengeance, plain and -simple. One thing unites them all: their destination, Idle Hill, a -village-turned-makeshift-fort serving as a staging area for incursions into the -Blight. This episode's video is just a black screen until about 2h17m20s -because we thought we could get away with not using Roll-20 or some other -visualization. There are also some minor issues with Discord which are fixed -after the first 6 or so minutes.</p> - -<p>Watch the video (MP4) in your browser:</p> -<video controls> - <source src="/share/podcasts/dnd-e1/dnd-e1.mp4" type="video/mp4"> - Your browser does not support the HTML5 video tag. -</video> - -<p>Listen to the audio (128kbps MP3) in your browser:</p> -<audio controls> - <source src="/share/podcasts/dnd-e1/dnd-e1-128.mp3" type="audio/mp3"> - Your browser does not support the HTML5 audio tag. -</audio> - -<p>You can download the episode in various formats using the links below:</p> -<ul> - <li><a href="/share/podcasts/dnd-e1/dnd-e1.mp4" - download="dnd-e1.mp4">1.7 GiB — Download the MP4</a></li> - - <li><a href="/share/podcasts/dnd-e1/dnd-e1-128.mp3" - download="dnd-e1-128.mp3">155 MiB — Download the 128kbps MP3 (Audio - Only)</a></li> - - <li><a href="/share/podcasts/dnd-e1/dnd-e1-64.mp3" - download="dnd-e1-64.mp3">&nbsp;78 MiB — Download the 64kbps MP3 (Audio - Only)</a></li> -</ul> -</div> - -<div class="wrap"> -<h4><u>Episode 2 – Stop Horsing Around [May 15, 2019]</u></h4> -<p>The audio for this episode was recorded on my laptop as I was out of town. -This meant that the audio quality was really really bad. Therefore, we are not -going to upload an audio version of this episode (which is unfortunate because -it was a really funny one) and instead have uploaded a short ~600 word summary -of what happened during the episode. I have also included below some audio -samples showing just how bad the audio was.</p> -<a href="/share/podcasts/dnd-e2/summary.txt" - download="dnd-episode-2-summary.txt">3.6 KiB — Download this episode's - summary (.txt file)</a> -<p>Here is a clip of the original audio:</p> -<audio controls> - <source src="/share/podcasts/dnd-e2/dnd-e2-original.mp3" type="audio/mp3"> - Your browser does not support the HTML5 audio tag. -</audio> -<p>Here is my first attempt at improving the quality:</p> -<audio controls> - <source src="/share/podcasts/dnd-e2/dnd-e2-attempt-1.mp3" type="audio/mp3"> - Your browser does not support the HTML5 audio tag. -</audio> -<p>Here is a second attempt. It sounds a little better:</p> -<audio controls> - <source src="/share/podcasts/dnd-e2/dnd-e2-attempt-2.mp3" type="audio/mp3"> - Your browser does not support the HTML5 audio tag. -</audio> -<p>Here is my final attempt. It sounds actually quite acceptable. However, this -clip is only a few seconds long out of a 3h15m long recording and it would -have taken far too much effort to normalize and adjust the entire episode in -addition to making the appropriate cuts:</p> -<audio controls> - <source src="/share/podcasts/dnd-e2/dnd-e2-attempt-3.mp3" type="audio/mp3"> - Your browser does not support the HTML5 audio tag. -</audio> -</div> - -<div class="wrap"> -<a name="latest"></a> -<h4><u>Episode 3 – Pay No Attention to the Man in the Bag [May 24th, 2019]</u></h4> -<p>In this episode we re-join our adventurers as they descend into the catacombs -beneath the temple in the blighted village to try to find a cure for what -plagues Sophie's father and the rest of the village inhabitants. After defeating -what creatures lay within the catacombs, they uncover the nature of The Blight -and attempt to devise a plan to save Sophie's father. This episode has a lot of -discussion and back-and-forth debating (a lot of which was cut) which we have -decided to try to move away from in future episodes to keep the story flowing -(and to preserve our sanity).</p> - -<p>Watch the video (MP4) in your browser:</p> -<video controls> - <source src="/share/podcasts/dnd-e3/dnd-e3.mp4" type="video/mp4"> - Your browser does not support the HTML5 video tag. -</video> - -<p>Listen to the audio (128kbps MP3) in your browser:</p> -<audio controls> - <source src="/share/podcasts/dnd-e3/dnd-e3-128.mp3" type="audio/mp3"> - Your browser does not support the HTML5 audio tag. -</audio> - -<p>You can download the episode in various formats using the links below:</p> -<ul> - <li><a href="/share/podcasts/dnd-e3/dnd-e3.mp4" - download="dnd-e3.mp4">911 MiB — Download the MP4</a></li> - - <li><a href="/share/podcasts/dnd-e3/dnd-e3-128.mp3" - download="dnd-e3-128.mp3">150 MiB — Download the 128kbps MP3 (Audio - Only)</a></li> - - <li><a href="/share/podcasts/dnd-e3/dnd-e3-64.mp3" - download="dnd-e3-64.mp3">&nbsp;75 MiB — Download the 64kbps MP3 (Audio - Only)</a></li> -</ul> -</div>