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Fix IRC article links

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diff --git a/pages/blog/ b/pages/blog/ @@ -12,12 +12,11 @@ <b>Last Updated:</b> 2020-09-02 </div> -<figure> - <a href=""> - <img src=""/></a> - <figcaption>XKCD Comic #1782: Team Chat ([CC-BY-NC - 2.5](</figcaption> -</figure> +<center><figure> <a href=""> <img +src=""/></a> <figcaption>XKCD Comic +#1782: Team Chat <a +href="">CC-BY-NC +2.5</a></figcaption> </figure></center> Similar to how [I think e-mail is still the best discussion @@ -56,10 +55,11 @@ Mattermost, Slack, or Matrix, even if they have to use an IRC bouncer or a screen/tmux session on a remote server to not miss things if their connection is that spotty. -<p class="note">Did you know, [IRC played a critical role in getting networks -back up]( during the -[recent CenturyLink -outage](</p> +<p class="note">Did you know, <a +href="">IRC played a +critical role in getting networks back up</a> during the <a +href="">recent +CenturyLink outage</a>?</p> One of the biggest flaws I see people discuss when talking about IRC is that chat history is not saved by the server. This means that, if you want a record