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Add backstories for Tyg and Five

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diff --git a/pages/projects/dnd/ b/pages/projects/dnd/ @@ -13,22 +13,59 @@ fun and we may stretch or break the canon rules. If you're a stickler for said rules, you may want to look for another podcast else you may walk away frustrated and hating all of us. -[Insert short paragraph about the setting and backstory bits] +Our adventurers' humble beginnings take place in the Promethean Reach. This +land holds many peoples, from the kind-hearted and generally +culinarily-inclined Halflings, to the proud Dwarves in their mighty dwarfholds, +to the somewhat secretive Elves in their forest enclaves. + +The Reach takes its name from Prometheus, Life-Giver. This massive tree, +visible from miles upon miles away, has stood watch over this region since time +immemorial. ### Players and Characters -[Insert list of players, character names/aliases, basic information here] +<div class="wrap"> +<h4><u>Tygbar "Tyg" Frostbeard</u></h4> +<p><strong>Player:</strong> Jake</p> +<p><strong>Race:</strong> Dwarf</p> +<p><strong>Class:</strong> Wizard</p> +<p> +<strong>Backstory:</strong> +Tygbar grew up in the slums outskirting the Dwarven stronghold +known as Severgard and was taken in by Qualen Quillsharpener—a Gnome wizard who +promised an apprenticeship to Tygbar—after noticing Tygbar's unique magical +abilities for a Dwarf. However, Tygbar mostly ended up doing menial chores and +was never directly taught by Qualen only ever learning things in passing and +through reading Qualen's notes. One day, Qualen was attacked in his tower by an +Orcish raid which Tygbar tried to stop but was too late. Now Tygbar is left to +fend for himself carrying only basic supplies, Qualen's spellbook which he now +uses as his own, and a magically sealed letter from Qualen addressed to him. +</p> +</div> + +<div class="wrap"> +<h4><u>Five</u></h4> +<p><strong>Player:</strong> Dan</p> +<p><strong>Race:</strong> Warforged</p> +<p><strong>Class:</strong> Artificer</p> +<p> +<strong>Backstory:</strong> +Five was created by Qualen Quillsharpener years before Tygbar ever met him. +Five maintains a shop in the outskirts of the slums around Severgard selling +odds and ends and doing whatever bits of research interest him. Five makes +occasional visits to Qualen's tower and one day he is contacted by Tygbar with +the news that Qualen has been murdered. +</p> +</div> ### Episodes -The episodes below are all recorded originally in the .mkv file format. If your -native video player lacks support to play these videos, try using -[VLC]( Also available is the audio-only download -for those who wish to listen to this as a traditional podcast, while jogging, -on their commutes... you get the idea. +All of the episodes are offered in 4 different formats: the original MKV, an +MP4 file of the same quality, and two audio-only MP3 options of different +qualities just in case of bandwidth limitations. -<div class="episode"> -<h4>Episode 0a – The setup</h4> +<div class="wrap"> +<h4><u>Episode 0a – The setup</u></h4> <p>This is a test recording to ensure that the website functions as expected.</p> <p>Watch the video (MP4) in your browser:</p> <video controls> @@ -57,8 +94,9 @@ on their commutes... you get the idea. Only)</a></li> </ul> </div> -<div class="episode"> -<h4>Episode 0b – Layout Test</h4> + +<div class="wrap"> +<h4><u>Episode 0b – Layout Test</u></h4> <p>This is a test recording to ensure that the website functions as expected.</p> <p>Watch the video (MP4) in your browser:</p> <video controls>