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diff --git a/pages/ b/pages/ @@ -9,32 +9,18 @@ This is a "now" page. It gives an overview of what's going on in my life at the moment. [Learn more about now pages here]( -**Last Updated:** 2020-03-18 +**Last Updated:** 2020-06-12 ### Day-to-Day -Working full time as part of work terms scheduled into my degree program. +Working full time, from home, as part of work terms scheduled into my degree +program. -Currently working from home due to the human malware going around the world -right now. +### Interests/Projects -### Interests +I've become quite interested in the Gentoo Linux distribution and I'm playing +around with FreeBSD and OpenBSD. -Looking to get into the BSD family of operating systems as I'd like to attend -the upcoming BSDCan conference and would like a little bit of knowledge before -attending. - -I am planning to pick up learning French again as it will be very useful later -on in my life. I also need to make sure I'm keeping on top of my German so that -it doesn't slowly start to slip away. - -I would also like to learn American Sign Language (possibly along with French -Sign Language) as I have encountered a few situations in my life where it would -have been useful and it also seems like it would be very interesting to learn. - -### Music - -I have recently discovered and am very much enjoying the artists _The Black -Keys_, _Greta Van Fleet_, _The Dreadnoughts_, _The HU_, _Tengger Cavalry_, -_Blood Incantation_, _Rivers of Nihil_, _Witchcraft_, _Volbeat_, _Stone Sour_, -_Trivium_, _Apocalypse Orchestra_, and many more related artists. +I've recently been refining my website's backend scripts and trying to slim down +the software I use. Also, I'm learning and using Perl to create a script to +convert HTML pages to a format compatible with the Gopher protocol.