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diff --git a/content/ b/content/ @@ -15,8 +15,9 @@ will change over time. I have categorized my opinions to make them easier to find: -* [Computer Components](/opinions/ -* [Operating Systems](/opinions/ -* [Software Licensing](/opinions/ -* [Miscellaneous Opinions](/opinions/ +* [Computer Components](/opinions/computer-components) +* [Operating Systems](/opinions/operating-systems) +* [Software Licensing](/opinions/software-licensing) +* [Video Games](/opinions/video-games) +* [Miscellaneous Opinions](/opinions/miscellaneous) diff --git a/content/opinions/ b/content/opinions/ @@ -1,6 +1,5 @@ Title: Computer Component Opinions -Summary: A collection of my opinions about computer components and -manufacturers of them +Summary: A collection of my opinions about computer components and manufacturers of them # [%title] diff --git a/content/opinions/ b/content/opinions/ @@ -1,6 +1,5 @@ Title: Software Licensing Opinions -Summary: A collection of my opinions about software licensing practices and -organizations +Summary: A collection of my opinions about software licensing practices and organizations # [%title] diff --git a/content/opinions/ b/content/opinions/ @@ -0,0 +1,49 @@ +Title: Video Game Opinions +Summary: Opinions I have about various video games. + +# [%title] + +## Elite Dangerous + +I've played about 85 hours of Elite Dangerous according to Steam. I own the +Horizons expansion but not Odyssey (whose launch was a disappointing mess). I do +find some aspects of the game fun; the graphics are pretty, the ships are +beautiful, and exploring the universe can be fun and rewarding. However, I found +that the game doesn't have anywhere near enough depth or detail to keep me +engaged. I found most of the professions would just get stale and feel +repetitive after a while because things are procedurally generated and the world +is so large that seeing another player is really rare outside of the super +heavily populated systems. + +I often find myself asking: "Why am I even doing this?" when I launch it and +start to explore or trade or gather some rare material to upgrade my ship. I +don't see much of a point because I'm just grinding these things for me. The +game might be multiplayer, but there isn't anywhere near enough of an adequate +framework to facilitate socialization or bonding with your fellow players unless +you want to join some Discord servers or forums. Unlike EVE Online, Elite +Dangerous really doesn't feel like an MMO, it feels like a singleplayer game that +your friends can join in occasionally for co-op play. + +It's a game that was revolutionary at its time and a game that many +astronomy+spaceship enthusiasts will enjoy for sure, but to me it feels shallow +and pointless, especially when your friends don't want to accompany you for idle +jumping from star system to star system or the hundredth identical bounty +hunting mission. + +## Star Citizen + +In contrast to Elite Dangerous, I only recently got into and purchased Star +Citizen. So far, despite bugs and the occasional crash, it has been really fun +to play and explore. I went into it not only with the knowledge that it is still in alpha +and that I can expect bugs, but also that, because it is in alpha, there are +going to be wipes of the things you own, your character, your money, etc. which +means that I play with the goal of exploring and having fun instead of having +some kind of pressure to get up to where the other players are at. + +Star Citizen offers an experience that isn't like any other game on the market +at the moment. It offers a combination of the multiplayer aspects of EVE Online, +the exploration and profession (i.e. trading, bounty hunting, mining, etc.) +aspects of Elite Dangerous, with the first person gameplay aspects of No Man's +Sky in a setting that is more detailed than all of those other games combined. +It is, in essence, the kind of space exploration era game I've been wanting to +play since I got into games like Kerbal Space Program and EVE Online.