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diff --git a/pages/ b/pages/ @@ -32,10 +32,13 @@ * [Use plaintext email]( - A website detailing the reasons why you should use plaintext email instead of HTML email. Also talks - about email ettiquette which makes this a must-read if you are thinking of + about email etiquette which makes this a must-read if you are thinking of contributing to software projects which do most of their communication over email (e.g. Debian, the Linux kernel). +* [Email Etiquette]( - + Bits of email etiquette which remain relevant to this day. + * [Thoughts on the subject of ethical licenses]( - An email Drew DeVault sent to license-discuss (an OSI mailing list) about his feelings on Ethical Software licenses. His words pretty closely echo my @@ -105,6 +108,10 @@ Reduce the blame-game for bugs and stop making people feel shameful for introducing them. +* [All software sucks]( - + Several examples of how complexity in software is the ultimate bane of + computing. + #### Vim * [Vim anti-patterns]( -