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diff --git a/content/garden/arboretum/ b/content/garden/arboretum/ @@ -32,8 +32,8 @@ if you're being really minimal, but a set of two forks, knives, spoons, mugs, plates, and bowls per person is the most versatile. Some nice-to-haves include a blender/food processor, more baking sheets/cake -pans/pie pans/etc., a whisk, a handmixer, an immersion blender, a large stock -pot, and a pressure cooker. +pans/pie pans/etc., a whisk, a grater, a handmixer, an immersion blender, +a large stock pot, and a pressure cooker. ### Knife diff --git a/content/garden/arboretum/ b/content/garden/arboretum/ @@ -131,10 +131,13 @@ speed unless you are specifically targeting a performance metric. Names should be descriptive and clear in context, but not redundant or excessive. In general, procedures should be named based on what they do and -functions should be named based on what they return and variables and types +functions should be named based on what they return. Variables and types should be nouns (e.g. `num_cakes` or `Parser`). ``` +draw(); +compute(); + x = compute_length(x); if (valid_length(x)) ``` @@ -142,6 +145,9 @@ if (valid_length(x)) is better than: ``` +screen_changer(); +do_stuff(); + x = length_computer(x); if (check_length(x)) ```