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diff --git a/content/blog/ b/content/blog/ @@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ Cherry MX switches. According to the aforementioned video from Wolfgang's Channel, the keyboard is not as good as his Thinkpad X1 Carbon's. So, while it does seem to be a matter of personal preference, if this keyboard is anything like their early 2010s MacBook keyboards (a keyboard I have actually used) then -it will feel, to me, even better than even my T420s keyboard. +it will feel, to me, even better than my T420s keyboard. ## Fanless Operation @@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ terms of comfort and clarity. One thing that Apple has pretty much always been good at is jamming massive batteries into their laptops. If I had to guess based on pictures of internals, more than 50% of the internal space of a MacBook is taken up by batteries. This -gives them battery lifetimes often much greater than competing laptops of +gives them battery lifetimes often much greater than competing laptops with similar performance. In the case of the M1, this is dialed up to the maximum because they combined their regular massive battery capacity with a chip that sips power. One can easily go a full day using their M1 MacBook without needing @@ -150,13 +150,13 @@ utilization is not great for battery life). I know a lot of Linux and Windows users look at MacOS and think: "How could anybody use _that_!?" I know, I used to be one of them. At work when I got a Mac (a 2013 Mac Pro, to be precise) I was just endlessly frustrated at how -MacOS felt. In reality, I just had a closed mind and wanted to hate it, so I +MacOS felt. But, frankly, I just had a closed mind and wanted to hate it, so I did. Of course, a completely different operating system and desktop environment requires some effort to learn and get used to; exactly what we tell people switching over from Windows to Linux. In reality, MacOS is a competent *nix system. It's based on Darwin BSD, has zsh -as a default shell—with others also installed, has its own package manager +as a default shell with others also installed, has its own package manager [homebrew](, and has a perfectly competent terminal emulator. In reality, I can do everything I would want to do on my computer on MacOS without having to go through the hoops required on Windows. @@ -243,3 +243,11 @@ starting to show its age and it's time for an upgrade. When nearly every other option on the market (including recent second-hand laptops) aside from the M1 Macs kinda suck, well, I'm going to choose the best option for the money I have and right now that looks like it's the M1 MacBook Air. + +<div class="note"> +<p>I ended up getting a used <a +href="/blog/openbsd-on-the-dell-xps-13-9380">Dell XPS</a> in the end for +cost, OS-compatability, and ethical reasons. I just wasn't comfortable +directly supporting Apple by buying one of their products, and I wanted +to be able to run OpenBSD.</p> +</div> diff --git a/content/garden/ b/content/garden/ @@ -1,7 +1,7 @@ Title: Colourschemes Summary: Colourschemes -[%title] +# [%title] ## Merveilles Colours diff --git a/content/garden/ b/content/garden/ @@ -6,8 +6,6 @@ Summary: Book Notes: Disciplined Minds [← Back](./) -Book written on "stolen time". Time "stolen" from employer to pursue own visions. - Jobs are often intellectually and creatively unfulfilling, and life is incomplete without doing something of your own. They can become a battle over personal identity. Many professionals become burned out because, after many decades of work, their salary is the only thing they have to show for it. Professionals also rarely have control over the political side of their work. "Does what I do even matter?" Many professionals want to make a difference in the world but feel powerless to do so. diff --git a/content/garden/ b/content/garden/ @@ -593,11 +593,8 @@ program with a variable-width font. Now, onto The Debate™... -There is little difference between spaces and tabs for indentation. Although -some people might cry "accessibility!" as an argument for tabs over spaces, -there is no significant evidence to support this assertion and I have seen -accessibility anecdotes for both. Unless someone does some kind of actual study -on this, I will continue to assert that there is little meaningful difference. +I think there is little real difference between spaces and tabs for +indentation. That being said, I prefer tabs wherever supported for the following reasons: