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diff --git a/pages/ b/pages/ @@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ src="/img/feed-icon.png" width="15" height="15" alt="Click for RSS"/> Subscribe </form> <ul> + <li>2021-08-05 <a href="blog/mastodon-is-dead-long-live-misskey">Mastodon Is Dead, Long Live Misskey 🍮</a></li> <li>2021-02-17 <a href="blog/migrating-from-nginx-to-openbsd-httpd-and-relayd">Migrating from nginx to OpenBSD's httpd and relayd</a></li> <li>2020-12-10 <a href="blog/flip-phone-challenge-complete">Flip Phone Challenge Complete</a></li> <li>2020-11-30 <a href="blog/flip-phone-challenge">One Week Flip Phone Challenge</a></li> diff --git a/pages/blog/ b/pages/blog/ @@ -8,8 +8,8 @@ <div class="byline"> <b>Written By:</b> Jake Bauer | - <b>Posted:</b> [DATE] | - <b>Last Updated:</b> [DATE] + <b>Posted:</b> 2021-08-05 | + <b>Last Updated:</b> 2021-08-05 </div> Okay, so, Mastodon isn't _actually_ dead, but some recent happenings and a @@ -377,7 +377,7 @@ Mastodon, Pleroma, or both are: position: absolute; left: 2%; bottom: calc(100% - 1em); - max-width: 90%; + max-width: 85%; box-sizing: border-box; background: var(--panelHighlight); z-index: 1000; @@ -385,13 +385,13 @@ Mastodon, Pleroma, or both are: box-shadow: 0 .5em 2em rgba(0, 0, 0, .5); opacity: 0; visibility: hidden; - transition: opacity .2s, visibility .2s; + transition: opacity .2s, visibility 0s ease .2s; } .tabs ~ * div[tabindex="-1"]:hover .reply-to { opacity: 1; visibility: visible; - transition: opacity .2s, visibility 0 ease .2s; + transition: opacity .2s ease .5s, visibility 0s ease .5s; } ``` diff --git a/public/feeds/sitewide-feed.xml b/public/feeds/sitewide-feed.xml @@ -7,6 +7,514 @@ <description>The feed that covers all notable additions, updates, announcements, and other changes for the entire website.</description> <item> + <title>Mastodon Is Dead, Long Live Misskey 🍮</title> + <link></link> + <guid></guid> + <pubDate>Thu, 05 Aug 2021 04:26:22 -0400</pubDate> + <description><![CDATA[<h2 id="Mastodon%20Is%20Dead,%20Long%20Live%20Misskey%20%F0%9F%8D%AE">Mastodon Is Dead, Long Live Misskey 🍮</h2> + +<div class="byline"> +<b>Written By:</b> Jake Bauer | + <b>Posted:</b> 2021-08-05 | + <b>Last Updated:</b> 2021-08-05 +</div> + +<p>Okay, so, Mastodon isn&#8217;t <em>actually</em> dead, but some recent happenings and a +long-standing trend of the lead developer ignoring features beneficial to +smaller instances have led many to start looking at other options, be it forks +of Mastodon, or other software entirely. Recently, I and many others have taken +a look at <a href="">Misskey</a>, an alternative +Fediverse software that also uses ActivityPub and can communicate with both +Pleroma and Mastodon instances.</p> + +<h3 id="What&amp;#8217;s%20Going%20On%20With%20Mastodon%20(and%20Pleroma)">What&#8217;s Going On With Mastodon (and Pleroma)</h3> + +<p>Recently, Eugen, the lead developer of Mastodon (also known as Gargron) +released an <a href="">official Mastodon iOS +app</a> which lacks basic features which +many users deem important, especially for smaller communities. As of the time +of writing, the app seems to intentionally be missing the ability to view the +Local timeline (the timeline consisting of posts only from users of the +instance you are on), and the Federated timeline (posts from all other +instances which have federated with the one you are on). +[<a href="">Source</a>]</p> + +<p>This, plus the tendency for Gargron to deny useful patches such as <a href="">Local-only +posting</a> and <a href="">configurable +character limits</a>, has led to +forks, such as <a href="">glitch-soc</a>, and the usage +of other software, such as <a href="">Pleroma</a>.</p> + +<p>For the time being, things seems to still be&#8230; okay. Mastodon is well-funded +and nothing has yet changed for the desktop site or the software as a whole, +but this could change at any moment depending on where Gargron wishes to take +his software. This isn&#8217;t <em>necessarily</em> a bad thing depending on his goals for +the software, but for those of us who want the Fediverse to be made up of a +bunch of smaller, more community-focused instances as opposed to a set of large +Twitter-like structures, the future doesn&#8217;t look hopeful.</p> + +<p>Furthermore, Pleroma&#8217;s development funding has recently been cut, stagnating +development and disappointing many users who were looking forward to exciting +new features such as groups. There are&#8230; other issues with Pleroma, but I will +not talk about them here.</p> + +<h3 id="Okay,%20So%20What%20Even%20Is%20Misskey?">Okay, So What Even Is Misskey?</h3> + +<p>To summarize, Misskey is another bit of Fediverse software, similar to Mastodon +and Pleroma, but with far more features, and a far nicer and more +polished-feeling UI. It is currently developed by one person, +<a href="">syuilo</a> and is supported by a small amount of +corporate funding, combined with some <a href="">Patreon</a> +contributions.</p> + +<p>At a glance, here are some of the features it has:</p> + +<ul> +<li>Clips - basically public bookmarks</li> +<li>Drive - view all media you&#8217;ve uploaded to the server, re-use images without +having to re-upload them, and more</li> +<li>Multiple UI modes built in to the front-end</li> +<li>Federated chat</li> +<li>MFM - Misskey-Flavoured Markdown, taking post markup to a whole new level</li> +<li>Excellent admin panel features</li> +<li>Custom timelines, channels, and groups</li> +<li>Excellent UI customization</li> +</ul> + +<p>You may have heard of some trouble with Syuilo facing burnout and funding being +cut. This is not untrue, but since Syuilo announced this, they have received +some more funding, and have re-structured the way they develop the project. The +project is far from dead, and with the recent boost in popularity, it could see +development pick up again—hopefully in a healthier way this time.</p> + +<h3 id="How%20Is%20It%20From%20an%20Admin%20Perspective?">How Is It From an Admin Perspective?</h3> + +<p>Having administrated Mastodon, Pleroma, and now Misskey for single-user +instances, I can confidently say that Mastodon is the heaviest and Pleroma and +Misskey are much lighter. Misskey is heavier than Pleroma, but not by terribly +much; both are far lighter than Mastodon. There are also murmurings +that Misskey scales better than Pleroma (which already scaled far better than +Mastodon), though more insight is probably needed from the admins experienced +with Pleroma.</p> + +<h4 id="Resource%20Usage">Resource Usage</h4> + +<p>As far as my own servers: at this moment, the Pleroma server (Debian Buster) is +using 685MB of RAM with a load average of <code>0.01 0.04 0.07</code> whereas the Misskey +server (Debian Bullseye) is using 848MB of RAM with a load average of <code>0.35 0.18 +0.15</code>. Both are running on Vultr VPS instances.</p> + +<p>Misskey tends to have more big bursts of CPU usage, so, in my experience, it is +helpful to have more than one CPU core for your Misskey server. You also need +to configure swap or have a minimum of 2GB of RAM to compile Misskey because it +is a Nodejs project. You can probably get away with a $10&#47;mo VPS from Vultr, +DigitalOcean, or Linode for servers with a handful of people, but you will +probably want to opt for the $20&#47;mo VPSes for between 15 and 50 people. For +example, @razzlom\ runs a Misskey instance with 50 users +(approximately 10 active users) without ElasticSearch and they report that this +uses 50-60% of 8GB of RAM and 1-10% of 4 AMD EPYC cores.</p> + +<h4 id="Admin%20Features">Admin Features</h4> + +<p>From what I and others have seen so far, the admin features of Misskey are +amazing and the admin UI is much better than any other Fediverse software so +far.</p> + +<p>For example, you can see the size of various database tables, the server logs, +the server resource usage, ALL media that has been uploaded to your server, and +more from within the UI. Take a look:</p> + +<figure> + <a href="/img/misskey/admin-overview.png"><img src="/img/misskey/admin-overview-thumb.png"></a> + <figcaption>The Admin Overview - Showing an overview of server resource usage and activity</figcaption> +</figure> + +<figure> + <a href="/img/misskey/federation.png"><img src="/img/misskey/federation-thumb.png"></a> + <figcaption>The Federation Panel - Showing stats about which servers might be down</figcaption> +</figure> + +<figure> + <a href="/img/misskey/database.png"><img src="/img/misskey/database-thumb.png" alt="The Admin Overview"/></a> + <figcaption>The Database Panel - Showing stats about various table sizes</figcaption> +</figure> + +<p>Some other excellent features which are either missing from Mastodon, Pleroma, +or both are:</p> + +<ul> +<li>server-wide announcements,</li> +<li>customizable post character limits (no more 1&#47;X Mastodon threads!!),</li> +<li>the ability to promote a post instance-wide,</li> +<li>the ability to present advertisements to your users (assuming they are willing to accept that) which can help with funding your instance,</li> +<li>the ability to easily monitor the job queue of the server,</li> +<li>and the search does actually work well enough even without having ElasticSearch installed, and without needing to enable Postgres RUM indices like in Pleroma.</li> +</ul> + +<h3 id="How%20Is%20It%20From%20a%20User%20Perspective?">How Is It From a User Perspective?</h3> + +<p>In short, it&#8217;s unlike any other Fediverse software that currently exists. It is +packed full of useful features and, even though some stuff can definitely be +improved, it is exciting to see just what Fedi can be.</p> + +<h4 id="Timelines">Timelines</h4> + +<p>With Misskey, you have the same sorts of timelines you expect from other +Fediverse software. The table below summarizes which posts each timeline +displays (note that &#8220;Home&#8221; post visibility is equivalent to &#8220;Unlisted&#8221; in other +Fediverse software):</p> + +<table> <thead> +<tr> + <th colspan="2">Source</th> + <th colspan="4">Timeline</th> +</tr> +<tr> + <th>User</th> + <th>Post Visibility</th> + <th>Home</th> + <th>Local</th> + <th>Social</th> + <th>Global</th> +</tr> +</thead> <tbody> +<tr> + <td rowspan="3">Local (Following)</td> + <td>Public</td> + <td>X</td> + <td>X</td> + <td>X</td> + <td>X</td> +</tr> +<tr> + <td>Home</td> + <td>X</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>X</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> +</tr> +<tr> + <td>Followers-only</td> + <td>X</td> + <td>X</td> + <td>X</td> + <td>X</td> +</tr> +<tr> + <td rowspan="3">Remote (Following)</td> + <td>Public</td> + <td>X</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>X</td> + <td>X</td> +</tr> +<tr> + <td>Home</td> + <td>X</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>X</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> +</tr> +<tr> + <td>Followers-only</td> + <td>X</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>X</td> + <td>X</td> +</tr> +<tr> + <td rowspan="3">Local (Not Following)</td> + <td>Public</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>X</td> + <td>X</td> + <td>X</td> +</tr> +<tr> + <td>Home</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> +</tr> +<tr> + <td>Followers-only</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> +</tr> +<tr> + <td rowspan="3">Remote (Not Following)</td> + <td>Public</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>X</td> +</tr> +<tr> + <td>Home</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> +</tr> +<tr> + <td>Followers-only</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> + <td>&nbsp;</td> +</tr> +</tbody> </table> + +<p>This behaviour is, in practice, slightly different than Mastodon, and quite +different from Pleroma.</p> + +<h4 id="Health">Health</h4> + +<p>Overall, Misskey seems to encourage more genuine social interaction compared to +other Fediverse software and traditional social media. For example, there are +no favourites on Misskey. You may see the &#8220;Favourite&#8221; option in the menu +underneath a post, but this is simply a bookmark function. It is truly saving a +post that you really like as opposed to behaving, in practice, as a +meaningless &#8220;Like&#8221; button or read-receipt.</p> + +<p>Instead, Misskey features emoji reactions to posts as the main way (aside from +boosting) of interacting with posts. You can react to a post with a regular +Unicode emoji (which other Fediverse software that supports this can see) or +with custom emoji (which only Misskey users can see). This generally results in +much more thought put into how you wish to react to a post, with &#8220;Favourites&#8221; +from users of other software simply showing up as the thumbs up emoji.</p> + +<p>Furthermore, the style of timeline that Misskey and Mastodon have tend to +encourage more healthy interaction and consumption than Pleroma&#8217;s. Even though +all social media is unhealthy to the degree that many of us use it, Pleroma&#8217;s +timeline encouraged doomscrolling and negative interaction in a way that +neither Mastodon&#8217;s nor Misskey&#8217;s do because it shows you absolutely everything +that people you follow post which tends to drag you into threads that you +really don&#8217;t involve you or need to involve you. I can personally attest to +this, since I have been hosting and using Pleroma for over a year now.</p> + +<h4 id="Groups,%20Channels,%20Pages,%20Clips,%20Galleries,%20and%20Antennas%E2%80%94Oh%20My">Groups, Channels, Pages, Clips, Galleries, and Antennas—Oh My</h4> + +<p>This Misskey&#8217;s bread and butter in my eyes and what makes it stand out so +strongly from the other ActivityPub-based software. There is a lot of fun to +have with these features, though not all of them are federated just yet.</p> + +<p>Groups are (currently) local-only collections of users to which you can send +messages. Think of it like a group chat in applications like Telegram, Matrix, +or channels like in IRC.</p> + +<p>Channels are local-only posting groups to which you can post notes to only the +specific people who are subscribed to that channel.</p> + +<p>Pages are static pages on which you can put almost anything you want, including +writing AiScript (a Misskey-specific scripting language) to add functionality +to the page. Think of it a bit like GitHub Pages or something similar. You can +then link these pages, and others can view them on your instance. <a href="">Here is an +example of a page</a>.</p> + +<p>Clips are like bookmarks but they can be organized and made public. Think of +them a bit like Twitch or YouTube livestream clips, though text-focused +instead.</p> + +<p>Galleries are collections of public photos that others can see when they look +at your gallery on your instance. The galleries themselves are not yet +federated, so you do have to go to the person&#8217;s instance to see their gallery, +but it provides an Instagram-like look at the media they&#8217;ve publicly uploaded +and chosen to make available.</p> + +<p>Antennas are possibly one of the coolest features. They are effectively custom +timelines. You can make an antenna that just shows posts from specific users +and notifies you when they post something new, you can make an antenna that +collects posts containing or excluding certain key words, or you can make an +antenna that collects only posts with files attached. If you want to emulate +Pleroma&#8217;s timeline behaviour, you can even make an antenna consisting of &#8220;Notes +from following users&#8221; with &#8220;Show replies&#8221; checked.</p> + +<h4 id="Your%20Drive">Your Drive</h4> + +<p>Your drive is possibly one of <em>the</em> single most useful features on Misskey. You +are allocated a (configurable by the server admins) amount of storage space you +can use for files uploaded to your drive and you can store whatever you&#8217;d like +in there. If you want to upload a bunch of memes to have them easily on hand +whenever you want to react to someone or if you want to simply re-share a file +you shared before without having to re-upload it to the server or dig through +your old posts, you can do that easily with the drive.</p> + +<figure> + <a href="/img/misskey/drive.png"><img src="/img/misskey/drive-thumb.png"/></a> + <figcaption>My Drive with an emoji folder and several other images.</figcaption> +</figure> + +<h4 id="Apps">Apps</h4> + +<p>App support is a little limited at the moment. Since Misskey is not compatible +with the Mastodon API, one can&#8217;t use apps like Tusky or Tootle with it. There +are, however, a few apps available. Namely +<a href="">SocialHub</a> for iOS and +<a href="">Milktea</a> for Android.</p> + +<p>One can also use Misskey in the browser, and it provides a reasonably snappy +experience, but will most likely use more data than a dedicated app.</p> + +<h4 id="Other%20Various%20User%20Features">Other Various User Features</h4> + +<p>Some other excellent user-facing features which are either missing from +Mastodon, Pleroma, or both are:</p> + +<ul> +<li>an excellent threading model (similar to Reddit) where it&#8217;s much easier to follow the flow of a conversation,</li> +</ul> + +<figure> + <a href="/img/misskey/threading.png"><img src="/img/misskey/threading-thumb.png" alt="A threaded conversation in Misskey."/></a> +</figure> + +<ul> +<li>MFM (Misskey-Flavoured Markdown) which is like markdown on steroids and even supports LaTeX formatting,</li> +</ul> + +<figure> + <a href="/img/misskey/mfm.png"><img src="/img/misskey/mfm-thumb.png" alt="A post with MFM showing off LaTeX."/></a> +</figure> + +<ul> +<li>the ability to have custom CSS for your client, such as in the example below which makes it so that post parents are shown on hover only,</li> +</ul> + +<pre><code>.tabs ~ * div[tabindex="-1"] { + overflow: visible; + contain: none; +} + +.tabs ~ * div[tabindex="-1"] .reply-to { + position: absolute; + left: 2%; + bottom: calc(100% - 1em); + max-width: 90%; + box-sizing: border-box; + background: var(--panelHighlight); + z-index: 1000; + padding: 20px 24px; + box-shadow: 0 .5em 2em rgba(0, 0, 0, .5); + opacity: 0; + visibility: hidden; + transition: opacity .2s, visibility .2s; +} + +.tabs ~ * div[tabindex="-1"]:hover .reply-to { + opacity: 1; + visibility: visible; + transition: opacity .2s, visibility 0 ease .2s; +} +</code></pre> + +<ul> +<li>working and federating pinned posts (which Pleroma lacks),</li> +<li>good handling of posts that have been deleted (no more accidentally posting a reply to a deleted post, or needing to refresh to have that post disappear from your timeline!),</li> +<li>automatically marking media as sensitive when you add a CW to your post (something every other bit of software except PleromaFE does, despite multiple requests to at least have the ability to do that),</li> +<li>the option to auto-approve follow requests from people you follow,</li> +<li>multiple different UI layouts built into the software,</li> +<li>a relatively performant UI (as long as animations and blur are disabled),</li> +<li>and an extremely customizable UI, with widgets!</li> +</ul> + +<figure> + <a href="/img/misskey/widgets.png"><img src="/img/misskey/widgets.png" alt="My sidebar with some widgets."/></a> +</figure> + +<h3 id="The%20Rough%20Parts">The Rough Parts</h3> + +<h4 id="On%20The%20Admin%20Side">On The Admin Side</h4> + +<p>Of course, not everything is without its caveats. For those used to Pleroma&#8217;s +MRF system, Misskey doesn&#8217;t have anything like that. Admins can defederate from +a domain and can silence and suspend individual users, but there are no options +for a user to silence a whole instance themselves or for an admin to only strip +media from an instance, for example.</p> + +<p>On one hand, this does limit what moderators can do for their instance, but, on +the other hand, if an instance really is causing enough trouble to bother your +users and their moderators aren&#8217;t responding, just blocking them is probably +what you&#8217;ll want in the end given that, more often than not, those kinds of +instances just keep causing more and more trouble. It also keeps your options +clear and simple.</p> + +<p>One of the other downsides to administrating a Misskey instance at the moment +is the lack of bulk emoji import support. Although it&#8217;s trivially easy to add, +tag, and categorize emoji—even from remote instances—it is currently impossible +to import a large amount at once. What you will probably want to do instead is +go to your Drive, create some folders to organize your emoji, upload them all +from your PC into the folders (you can upload more than one at a time), and then +go to the Custom Emoji settings, choose import from Drive, and click on all of +the emoji you wish to import.</p> + +<p>This isn&#8217;t such a big deal if you only have maybe a couple hundred emoji at the +most, but is more tedious than it could be. The same goes for categorizing and +tagging those emoji.</p> + +<p>Finally, there is currently an issue where Misskey has trouble federating with +profiles that have bios which are too long. This mostly affects people using +Pleroma, since Mastodon caps bios at 500 characters and Pleroma sends a user&#8217;s +bio to the remote server as (a lot of) HTML so it&#8217;s hard to tell when your bio +is too long. Luckily, there is a simple patch you can easily apply to your +instance which solves this problem by truncating fields which are too long for +Misskey. An official fix is in the works, but for now it&#8217;s very easy to drop +this in the <code>misskey</code> folder, <code>git apply</code> it, and re-build. You can <a href="">download +the patch +here</a>.</p> + +<h4 id="On%20The%20User%20Side">On The User Side</h4> + +<p>Currently, there are a few things which could be improved. For one, there is no +option to limit streaming of new posts when you are scrolled to the top of your +timeline. Unlike in Pleroma, where you can choose to have posts stream in as +long as you are scrolled up or click a button when you are ready to see new +posts, in Misskey this is not an option which can be frustrating as posts move +down as you were reading them.</p> + +<p>Another minor issue is that Antennas don&#8217;t show your own posts, unlike the +other timelines. Although this isn&#8217;t a huge deal, many people like to see their +posts as part of the conversation so it&#8217;s a bit weird to type a response and +not see it appear in the custom timelines.</p> + +<p>Also, mutes can be a little bit leaky. If you have a user muted, you can still +see conversations involving them since it seems to only check post authors and +doesn&#8217;t include mentions. A boost of a reply to a post of a user you have muted +can also make it through the filter.</p> + +<p>Finally, there are a few minor other UI issues such as notification dots +getting stuck on (though you can hide them with custom CSS or mark all +notifications read in the settings), some modals not being dismissable with the +Esc shortcut key, and there is no option to play gifs or other media only when +you hover over them.</p> + +<p>Overall, these issues haven&#8217;t bothered me much and I consider them pretty minor +compared to the benefits of Misskey, though your experience might differ.</p> + +<h3 id="In%20Conclusion">In Conclusion</h3> + +<p>Although there are things yet unfinished with Misskey (as there is for all the +other Fediverse software), it is already miles ahead of the rest of the +Fediverse software I&#8217;ve tried. Yes, there are some rough edges and there might +be UI elements or UX aspects that some don&#8217;t like or prefer, but at least for +me, and for many others who have tried it over the past couple days, Misskey +really seems like the future of the Fediverse; other software feels like it&#8217;s +stuck in an old paradigm, trying to copy too much what Twitter or 4chan are.</p> + +<p>Plus, since the seemingly overnight switch of so many users (at least in my +circle) to Misskey, there has been a lot of work to figure out features, +document things more thoroughly, and provide things like the aforementioned +patch which fixes federation for people with long bios. Many of the issues I +have with Misskey are minor and can be readily fixed.</p> + +<p>If you check out Misskey and like it, please consider <a href="">donating to +Syuilo</a> to keep development going. The future +is bright for Misskey.</p>]]></description> + </item> +<item> <title>Migrating from nginx to OpenBSD's httpd and relayd</title> <link></link> <guid></guid> diff --git a/public/sitemap.xml b/public/sitemap.xml @@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ <url><loc></loc></url> <url><loc></loc></url> <url><loc></loc></url> - <url><loc></loc></url> <url><loc></loc></url> + <url><loc></loc></url> <url><loc></loc></url> <url><loc></loc></url> <url><loc></loc></url> <url><loc></loc></url> <url><loc></loc></url>