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Add gitolite to git service comparison

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diff --git a/pages/blog/ b/pages/blog/ @@ -4,14 +4,16 @@ [//]: # "main.min.css" -[//]: # "GitLab; Gogs; Gitea; SourceHut; Phabricator; Honourable Mention: Gitweb; My Choices" +[//]: # "GitLab; Gogs; Gitea; SourceHut; Phabricator; Gitolite; Honourable Mention: Gitweb; My Choices" <div class="byline"> <b>Written By:</b> Jake Bauer | <b>Posted:</b> 2020-05-26 | - <b>Last Updated:</b> 2020-05-26 + <b>Last Updated:</b> 2020-05-27 </div> +_**Update**: Add Gitolite._ + Git is by far the most popular version control system right now and there are so many options for self-hosting your repositories it can be difficult to figure out which one is the best for you. In this post, I'll go through many of the @@ -135,6 +137,25 @@ for a simple way to show off your Git repositories. It is fully-featured and competently developed though, so if you're looking for an alternative to GitLab for, say, a group or team of people then this is worth checking out. +### Gitolite + +* [Link to Gitolite]( +* **Programmed In**: Perl +* **Supports**: Git + +Gitolite is different than any other Git service in this post; it isn't a full +software forge and doesn't have a web interface. Instead, it simply provides a +way to host many git repositories with virtual users and fine-grained access +control. <q>Gitolite is an access control layer on top of git.</q> + +Notable current or past users of Gitolite include the Fedora Project, the KDE +project, Gentoo Linux, and + +This may be what you want if all you're looking for is a way to host multiple +git repositories on a central server where each repository can have mutliple +developers. To learn more about what Gitolite does and its supported features, +see the [Gitolite overview]( + ### Honourable Mention: Gitweb * [Link to Gitweb Documentation](