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diff --git a/gemini/pages/now.gmi b/gemini/pages/now.gmi @@ -1,11 +1,11 @@ # Now +Last Updated: 2020-09-28 + This is a "now" page. It gives an overview of what's going on in my life at the moment. => Learn more about now pages. -**Last Updated:** 2020-09-28 - ## Day-to-Day Finishing up my final year of my undergraduate computer science program. Time is too limited to do much else. diff --git a/gemini/pages/uses.gmi b/gemini/pages/uses.gmi @@ -145,8 +145,6 @@ it has excellent software availability and doesn't run systemd. => Artix Linux Homepage -Although I really like Debian, I have been experimenting with other distributions and operating systems. Gentoo has piqued my interest and I've enjoyed using FreeBSD and OpenBSD (though I don't think I'll be using BSDs on the desktop for now). - I am not evangelistic about running specific Linux distributions and prefer to encourage others to use whichever distribution they are most comfortable with. ### Desktop Environment/Window Manager