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diff --git a/content/garden/ b/content/garden/ @@ -31,8 +31,6 @@ If this is your first time visiting this garden, please have a look at my [📜 Right now you are standing at a carrefour. Laid out before you is a selection of different paths. They serve to loosely collect and broadly organize the garden. Explore at your leisure. -[🕑 Recently Changed](recently-changed) - [🌱 The Greenhouse](greenhouse/) is the place where new things are incorporated into the garden. It is the sprouting place for seeds that may eventually develop into projects. [🌾 The Plots](plots/) are where active projects live. Here you can find actively worked on technical projects, essays, or anything else that's being grown into something that may eventually be put out into the world. @@ -40,5 +38,3 @@ Right now you are standing at a carrefour. Laid out before you is a selection of [🌲 The Arboretum](arboretum/) is the place for anything long-lived like knowledge, opinions, values and beliefs, recipes, and other similar things. [🍂 The Compost Heap](compost/) is an archive of completed projects and other things I am finished with. Things here may eventually spark new ideas or be incorporated into new projects. - -Unless otherwise noted, all content in this garden is licensed under the terms of the [© CC-BY 4.0](