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diff --git a/http/pages/blog/ b/http/pages/blog/ @@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ <div class="byline"> <b>Written By:</b> Jake Bauer | <b>Posted:</b> 2020-06-08 | - <b>Last Updated:</b> 2020-06-08 + <b>Last Updated:</b> 2021-01-22 </div> Something that I love about *nix systems is the composability of all of the @@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ blogs and feeds I follow on my [links page](/links#blogroll). Of course I didn't want to do this manually since that would be a huge pain. Instead, like whenever I encounter a problem, I turned to scripting. I came up with a script I call `` ([view the script -here]( +here]( which composes the export functionality of `newsboat`, the standard `awk`, `cut`, `tr`, `sort`, and `sed` utilities along with `vim`/`nvim`'s scripting abilities and `rsync` for uploading the changed files. @@ -45,22 +45,9 @@ That's the beauty of scripting and the *nix environment. Any time I encounter a similar problem, I write a script to handle it for me. Need to parse stats from a log file? Script it. Need a way to download the content of an entire website? Script it. Need to test how fast a program runs, then average the runtimes? -Script it. Need to generate an entire website from markdown files? Script it (I -did for this site!). - -In addition to the blogroll script, I have a [script to compile this -website](, -a [script to publish new blog -posts](, a [script to -update the site's uptime -display](, -and even a [script to handle uploading files to my -webserver]( -Those are just the scripts for this website! Some of them need to be rewritten -for portability to other *nix systems, and some are from when I first started -this site so they're not as good as my more recently-written scripts, but that's -alright because they do the thing they're supposed to do and haven't failed me -yet. +Script it. Need to generate an entire website from markdown files? Script it ([I +did for this +site](!). Scripting is also great for saving time at work; the more time saved doing menial tasks, the more time can be spent doing interesting things. Plus, you get