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Author: Jake Bauer <>
Date:   Tue, 25 Feb 2020 18:00:36 -0500

Fix minor errors in latest blog post

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diff --git a/pages/blog/ b/pages/blog/ @@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ Something that I missed from vim-airline was that top line which displayed a list of open buffers and highlighted the currently active buffer. I thought about doing it myself but the implementation looked a little too complicated for my mediocre vimscript skills. Instead, I replaced that specific functionality -with another, really lightweight plugin called +with another really lightweight plugin called [vim-buftabline]( Once I was finished tinkering, I tested my new custom statusline (with the @@ -89,8 +89,8 @@ video below: </video> </figure> -* [Download the mp4 video (310K)](/img/vim-no-airline.mp4) -* [Download a GIF (4.7M)](/img/vim-no-airline.gif) +* [Download the mp4 video (321K)](/img/vim-no-airline.mp4) +* [Download a GIF (5.0M)](/img/vim-no-airline.gif) I've put my statusline in its own git repository which you can find [on sourcehut]( or [on my self-hosted git