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Update privacy section on about-site

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diff --git a/pages/ b/pages/ @@ -30,15 +30,12 @@ their own and don't try to make it closed-source. ### Privacy -Unlike many, I respect the privacy of those who visit my website and use my -services. I don't make any attempts to collect or analyze any visitor's personal -information. The only information I have is what's stored in my web server's -logs and I use that information for discovering errors and debugging my own web -server. Furthermore, I don't use any form of browser cookies or tracking pixels -and all of the code on the website is transparent. No proprietary software runs -on my web server and the code used to generate the site is available in [this -site's git repository]( -([mirror]( +This site respects your privacy. There are no tracking cookies, social media +buttons, or fingerprinting scripts. I've even turned off logging on my web +server which means I'm not even storing your User Agent or IP address. I store +nothing, know nothing, and share nothing about you. This is one of the few sites +left on the Internet where you can feel safe from the prying eyes of the likes +of Google and Facebook. ### Design