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Update Contributing section for usrmnt

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diff --git a/pages/projects/ b/pages/projects/ @@ -25,14 +25,15 @@ As usual, I am open to any feedback, requests, bug reports, or contributions. ### Contributing -You can submit a ticket [using the todo web -interface]( or by [sending an -email](mailto:~jbauer/ You don't need a sourcehut account to -submit a ticket. - -I also accept contributions through email which you can learn how to do using -the [ website]( You can also submit -a patchset through the webpage of the repository. +If you would like to submit a bug report, suggest a feature, or have any other +feedback or contribution that you are thinking about submitting, you can post it +on the [project's public mailing list](mailto:~jbauer/ +Please review the [mailing list +ettiquette]( before posting. + +If you've made changes to the code which you wish to share with me, I accept +contributions through email which you can learn how to do using the +[ website]( ### Manual