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Publish D&D Episode 3

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diff --git a/pages/ b/pages/ @@ -15,12 +15,12 @@ be something that interests you! ### Recently Updated +<a href="projects/dnd/dnd-podcast">Episode 3 of the D&D podcast has been released!</a> + <a href="projects/dnd/initiative">The D&D Initiative Tracker has just been released!</a> <a href="projects/dnd/roll">The D&D Dice Roller has been updated!</a> -<a href="projects/dnd/dnd-podcast">Check out our Dungeons and Dragons podcast!</a> - ### What is a Parity Bit? Essentially, it is a bit (in the 1's and 0's sense) used for checking for and diff --git a/pages/projects/dnd/ b/pages/projects/dnd/ @@ -146,10 +146,30 @@ nobody knows much about him. <p><strong>Player:</strong> Dan</p> <p><strong>Race:</strong> Human</p> <p><strong>Class:</strong> Gunslinger (Hombrew Fighter Subclass)</p> +<p><strong>Backstory:</strong> +Alexander always loved tinkering with weapons. When he met a gnome, tinkering +with some mysterious substance they called “black powder”—used as a catalyst +for fireworks—he had a revolutionary idea. Years of hard work and dozens of +failed trials later, he succeeded in creating his invention. The first of its +kind: the firearm.</p> <p> -<strong>Backstory:</strong> -Alexander is very protective of his history. -</p> +Thereafter, he became a man of action. Enlisting with the Second Sun mercenary +company, he made a name for himself during the Throneswar, aiding in the design +and operation of the mighty ballistae that brought down the Dragonthrone +Empire’s fearsome flying artillery. In the end, the credit didn’t go to him; +though he left the war highly decorated, the Mithril Throne’s victory against +the Dragonborn was largely attributed to the invention and deployment of the +Warforged. To this day, he carries a burning resentment and fierce disdain of +what he sees as nothing more than “glorified tin cans”; a waste of resources, +that could have instead armed every soldier with his invention, the “gun”.</p> +<p> +After the war, he chose to retire, starting up a small smithy in the Mithril +Throne city of Chane. Over time, his business steadily grew, and the relics of +his time in battle gathered dust in the attic. All this changed when he met +Sicar. Suddenly, he was reminded of the good old days; he remembered just how +fun it all was, the glory of combat and victory therein. Right then and there +he decided: he was going for a little field trip. His trusty assistant would +take over the business; he would be off on an adventure.</p> </div> <br/> @@ -157,17 +177,16 @@ Alexander is very protective of his history. <a name="episodes"></a> ### Episodes -Each episode is approximately 3-4h long and a new episode will be released -every other Saturday starting April 6th, 2019. +Each episode is approximately 3-4h long. Right now the upload schedule is quite +irregular as people leave for early-summer vacations and get settled into their +altered summer schedules. All of the episodes are offered in 3 different formats: an MP4 and two audio-only MP3 options of different qualities. These are offered to cater to those who may have bandwidth limitations. <div class="wrap"> -<a name="latest"></a> <h4><u>Episode 1 – "We should use Roll-20" [April 06, 2019]</u></h4> - <p>In this premiere episode, we meet our adventurers as they all happen to have taken the same caravan to the Hinlands. Our adventurers have varied aims. Adventure and glory for some; knowledge and power for others. Some are there on @@ -209,11 +228,14 @@ after the first 6 or so minutes.</p> <div class="wrap"> <h4><u>Episode 2 – Stop Horsing Around [May 15, 2019]</u></h4> <p>The audio for this episode was recorded on my laptop as I was out of town. -This meant that the audio quality was really really bad. Therefore, we are -not going to upload an audio version of this episode (which is unfortunate -because it was a really funny one) and instead will upload a summary of the -events by Wednesday May 15, 2019. I have included below some audio samples -showing just how bad the audio was.</p> +This meant that the audio quality was really really bad. Therefore, we are not +going to upload an audio version of this episode (which is unfortunate because +it was a really funny one) and instead have uploaded a short ~600 word summary +of what happened during the episode. I have also included below some audio +samples showing just how bad the audio was.</p> +<a href="/share/podcasts/dnd-e2/summary.txt" + download="dnd-episode-2-summary.txt">3.6 KiB — Download this episode's + summary (.txt file)</a> <p>Here is a clip of the original audio:</p> <audio controls> <source src="/share/podcasts/dnd-e2/dnd-e2-original.mp3" type="audio/mp3"> @@ -240,7 +262,40 @@ addition to making the appropriate cuts:</p> </div> <div class="wrap"> -<h4><u>Episode 3 – [Coming May 24th]</u></h4> -<p>Unfortunately this episode also had to be delayed due to vacations and -scheduling issues.</p> +<a name="latest"></a> +<h4><u>Episode 3 – Pay No Attention to the Man in the Bag [May 24th, 2019]</u></h4> +<p>In this episode we re-join our adventurers as they descend into the catacombs +beneath the temple in the blighted village to try to find a cure for what +plagues Sophie's father and the rest of the village inhabitants. After defeating +what creatures lay within the catacombs, they uncover the nature of The Blight +and attempt to devise a plan to save Sophie's father. This episode has a lot of +discussion and back-and-forth debating (a lot of which was cut) which we have +decided to try to move away from in future episodes to keep the story flowing +(and to preserve our sanity).</p> + +<p>Watch the video (MP4) in your browser:</p> +<video controls> + <source src="/share/podcasts/dnd-e3/dnd-e3.mp4" type="video/mp4"> + Your browser does not support the HTML5 video tag. +</video> + +<p>Listen to the audio (128kbps MP3) in your browser:</p> +<audio controls> + <source src="/share/podcasts/dnd-e3/dnd-e3-128.mp3" type="audio/mp3"> + Your browser does not support the HTML5 audio tag. +</audio> + +<p>You can download the episode in various formats using the links below:</p> +<ul> + <li><a href="/share/podcasts/dnd-e3/dnd-e3.mp4" + download="dnd-e3.mp4">911 MiB — Download the MP4</a></li> + + <li><a href="/share/podcasts/dnd-e3/dnd-e3-128.mp3" + download="dnd-e3-128.mp3">150 MiB — Download the 128kbps MP3 (Audio + Only)</a></li> + + <li><a href="/share/podcasts/dnd-e3/dnd-e3-64.mp3" + download="dnd-e3-64.mp3">&nbsp;75 MiB — Download the 64kbps MP3 (Audio + Only)</a></li> +</ul> </div>