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diff --git a/pages/ b/pages/ @@ -0,0 +1,98 @@ +## Likes and Dislikes + +[//]: # "Things that I like and dislike, with reasons explaining why." + +[//]: # "main.min.css" + +[//]: # + +This is my page of opinions. Here I detail what I like, what I dislike, and why. + +### Things I Like + +These are things that I have had good experiences with, respect, donate to, or +things I think are especially important. + +#### Tech + +* **Seasonic/EVGA PSUs**: Consistently high quality PSUs that are designed and + perform well. Worth every penny they cost to not have to worry about the + reliability of one of the most important components in a desktop system. + +* **Noctua Coolers/Fans**: Consistently high quality products with one of the + best mounting systems in the industry. They're a company that respects + both their customers and employees, and are also worth every penny. + +* **Logitech Mice**: I have owned a G420 and an MX Ergo, and both have been + fantastic with no issues. They are solid and reliable input devices that + have never caused me frustration. + +* **Skullcandy Earbuds**: The only pairs of earbuds that I have ever purchased + which have lasted longer than a handful of months. They are also the + ones that sit most comfortably and securely in my ears, and I like the + sound profile. + +* **ElementaryOS**: A project with design as its number one priority. They are + creating a beautiful, usable, easy-to-recommend Linux distribution. While + they aren't perfect and still have a number of issues, I think they're an + important project to keep an eye on. + +* **Fedora Linux**: The only Linux distribution I've tried which well and truly + gets out of my way, doesn't break, and doesn't require a ton of fiddling + for basic things. It's the _only_ Linux distribution I've tried which + allowed me to print _and_ scan with my hplip-supported HP printer out of + the box. + +* **OpenBSD**: I love the philosophy and development practices of the + developers. They are a model for anybody in software development because + of their focus on security, documentation, clean code, and not bending + to the will of every person who wants their special features in the OS. + They build what they want for themselves, and they do a damn good job. + +#### Non-Tech + +* **Leuchtturm1917 Journals**: Consistently high quality paper, features, and + bindings with hard covers that are available in multiple colours. The + paper is also one of my most favourite to write on. + +* **Copycentre/Anti-Copyright Licenses**: Licenses which are simple, easy to + understand for everyone, and don't place undue burden on developers or + users. My preferred licenses are: the Unlicense, CC0, the + ISC/MIT/BSD-2-clause Licenses, and CC-BY. + +### Things I Dislike + +These are things I have either had bad experiences with or dislike after either +doing research on them or hearing about experiences from reputable sources. + +#### Tech + +* **Dell Prebuilt PCs**: In recent years, Dell has become notorious for + attempting to scam customers into various support contracts. They also + design very bad systems with proprietary components that end up as + e-waste after a few years. Avoid if you can. + +* **Busybox**: Added [awful, disgusting, abhorrent code]( + to one of their utilities all to [avoid having someone's name and + copyright]( + associated with the project. + +* **Copyleft Licenses**: They utterly fail at their stated goal, instead + reinforcing copyright as a tool to get one's way and protect one's + "intellectual property". This results in much more hassle for developers + with no true real-world gain compared to anti-copyright or copycentre + licenses. Read [A Critique of Free + Software](/a-critique-of-free-software) for more on this topic. + +* **"Ethical" Licenses**: Licenses that attempt to control how one can use + software without any real basis in law or reality. They are, practically, + just proprietary source-available licenses that don't achieve anything + meaningful. + +* **FSF/OSI**: Organizations that place themselves in the position of deciding + what is and isn't an "approved license". Not only are they run by people + famous for bikeshedding and doing next to nothing actually useful for + the industry (remember the FSF sending a hard drive to Microsoft telling + them to put the Windows 7 source code on it?), they can't even make + consistent decisions about the licenses they approve (e.g. the SSPL is + just a stronger AGPL, but they both call it "non-free"). diff --git a/pages/ b/pages/ @@ -8,7 +8,8 @@ This page is for those who are curious about the programs and equipment I use to get work done. It is inspired by []( You can also -check out [how I name my computers]( +check out [how I name my computers](/hostnames), and the +[things I like and dislike](/+-) ### Software @@ -22,6 +23,11 @@ applications which you can check out on the [old software page](/software). Now I just use what comes with the system (for the most part) and I get on with my work. +On my servers I mainly use OpenBSD, though my NAS and primary home server run +FreeBSD to take advantage of ZFS and jails. I also use Debian when an +application doesn't work well or doesn't have straightforward installation steps +on the BSDs. + ### Hardware #### My Main PC