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diff --git a/content/ b/content/ @@ -52,11 +52,3 @@ This information is also accessible using the [Finger Protocol]( [finger://](finger:// or `finger` on the command line. - -Here are my OMEMO fingerprints if you're contacting me via XMPP: - -``` -PC: 600E1755 EC35E8D5 7A296CDD 8770553A 18AB6C27 42CF562E 2CFA130E CE68E608 -Laptop: D93901C2 D6F8ACED A349AA29 277E156F 869492AF 6D0DA9EF A5771976 24822051 -Phone: 2B46E1A8 AAAE9A82 48BBAD53 D9922CA5 DCD160DC 02E25031 2EA0F6A1 E02EE31A -``` diff --git a/content/ b/content/ @@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ Summary: This is a now page. I'm using it a bit like a monthly log where it desc This is my monthly log. It describes what I've been up to recently and what I'm currently working on. [Learn more about now pages here]( +* [February 2023](#february-2023) * [January 2023](#january-2023) * [December 2022](#december-2022) * [November 2022](#november-2022) @@ -15,6 +16,33 @@ currently working on. [Learn more about now pages here]( * [July 2022](#july-2022) * [January 2022](#january-2022) +## February 2023 + +This month continued the theme of the previous month with changes to the +digital garden. I flattened it out into one directory with a list of files, +which I feel makes it easier for me to navigate and create content without +having to worry about how exactly to organize it (other than maybe putting it +under a header, though that's not critical). I also dropped Gemini support +because I felt it was limiting my ability to construct and organize my thoughts +in a way that worked for me. This let me re-design some pages so they could +better convey the information stored within. + +The static site builder I use for this site, +[sbs](, also hit v1.0.0 this month. + +I also started working through +[](, creating my own +[](, which has been an +interesting exercise. + +Finally, I've updated my [uses](/uses) page to be more useful and less +rant-y ;). + +### Book Log + +* Finished: _OpenBSD Mastery: Filesystems_ by Michael W. Lucas +* Finished: _How to Make Notes and Write_ by Dan & S.F. Alosso + ## January 2023 January was the typical, slow post-holidays time. This month I mainly tended my digital garden, reorganizing the arboretum and cleaning out the intake in the greenhouse. I also read a more than usual this month, finishing the _Good Arguments_ book and two books about tea.