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diff --git a/pages/ b/pages/ @@ -21,12 +21,19 @@ Although sourcehut is my preferred git repository hosting service, I also have a software projects. However, I don't host any of my own repositories on there anymore. -### Projects +### Major Projects -<ul id="normal-projects"> +<ul> <li><a href="projects/usrmnt">usrmnt</a>: A small utility to mount, unmount, unlock, etc. your devices from the terminal with an intuitive command syntax and using an intuitive text-based UI.</li> + <li><a>Gopherize [WIP]</a></li> + <li><a>Geminize [WIP]</a></li> +</ul> + +### Minor Projects + +<ul> <li><a>home-backup [WIP]</a></li> <li><a> [WIP]</a></li> </ul>