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diff --git a/http/pages/ b/http/pages/ @@ -4,11 +4,15 @@ [//]: # "main.min.css" -[//]: # "2021; 2020; 2019" +[//]: # + +Welcome to the blog. Everything I've ever written and published for this site is +listed below. For more short-form content, you can find me on my instance of +the social/microblogging platform +[Pleroma]( <a class="rss-icon" href="/feeds/sitewide-feed.xml"> <img -src="/img/feed-icon.png" width="15" height="15" alt="Click for RSS"/> -Subscribe with RSS</a> +src="/img/feed-icon.png" width="15" height="15" alt="Click for RSS"/> Subscribe with RSS</a> <form action="" method="get"> <input name="sites" type="hidden" value=""> @@ -17,18 +21,6 @@ Subscribe with RSS</a> <button aria-label="Submit search query.">&#128270;</button> </form> -This is the place where I put all of my ramblings, rants, essays, and random -thoughts and ideas. You can find links to other blogs that I follow on my -[blogroll](/links#Blogroll). - -For more short-form content, you can find me on my instance of the -social/microblogging platform <a rel="me" -href="">Pleroma</a>. - -### 2021 -<ul> -</ul> -### 2020 <ul> <li>2020-12-10 <a href="blog/flip-phone-challenge-complete">Flip Phone Challenge Complete</a></li> <li>2020-11-30 <a href="blog/flip-phone-challenge">One Week Flip Phone Challenge</a></li> @@ -139,10 +131,6 @@ href="">Pleroma</a>. <li>2020-02-24 <a href="blog/making-my-own-vim-statusline">Making My Own Vim Statusline</a></li> <li>2020-02-14 <a href="blog/urxvt-to-st">Switching from urxvt to st</a></li> <li>2020-02-06 <a href="blog/website-redesign">Making My Website More Accessible</a></li> -</ul> - -### 2019 -<ul> <li>2019-12-30 <a href="blog/automating-publishing">Automating the Publishing of Articles</a></li> <li>2019-12-21 <a href="blog/arguing-effectively">How to Argue Effectively</a></li>