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Remove avoid-news-media draft post

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diff --git a/content/garden/ b/content/garden/ @@ -1,16 +0,0 @@ -Title: DRAFT: Avoid News Media -Summary: DRAFT: Avoid News Media - -# [%title] - -* []( -* []( -* []( - -Everything is hyper-sensationalized. Not just sensationalized, _hyper_ sensationalized. It's not "Saskatchewan community grieving from attacks" it's "Saskatchewan community reels following brutal stabbings". It's not "Democrats criticize Republicans for X,Y, and Z" it's "Democrats blast Republicans". When everything is extreme and sensational, nothing is. The truly important news gets buried under the mundane, useless drivel hyped up to be the latest breaking developments. It's exhausting. - -News media is designed to capture your attention and to play on negativity bias. They have a vested interest in showing you the most negative or emotional things to keep you engaged. - -Wikipedia is often a much better source for current affairs because of their interest in reporting the facts as accurately as possible, despite the ability for everyone to edit (also, still don't believe everything you see online at face value). - -> The extremely important stuff is completely unavoidable. Log into Reddit, it's there. Log onto Fedi, it's there. Walk down the street in town, it's there. I'll know if there's a nuclear war without needing to follow exactly what some former US President told his billionaire warmonger friends today and how that'll impact their party in the midterms and blah blah diff --git a/content/garden/ b/content/garden/ @@ -56,7 +56,6 @@ growing into full blog posts or projects. * [Creating A Digital Garden](digital-gardens) * [Notes on A Philosophy of Software Development](philosophy-software-development) * [Run Your Own Email](run-your-own-email) -* [Avoid News Media](avoid-news-media) * [Computer Science's Education Problem](computer-science-education-problem) * [Good Computing Systems Let Users Mold Them](good-computing-systems-let-users-mold-them) * [Nothing is Permanent](nothing-is-permanent) diff --git a/content/ b/content/ @@ -155,6 +155,7 @@ Useful links that I've collected and wish to share or remember for the future. E <li><a href="">What makes a good developer by Christin Gorman</a></li> <li><a href="">So You're Using A Weird Language</a> - How to effectively use a weird (or unpopular) programming language.</li> <li><a href="">Vibe Driven Development</a></li> +<li><a href="">Slow Software Development</a></li> </ul> </details>