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diff --git a/pages/ b/pages/ @@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ [//]: # "base.min.css" -[//]: # +[//]: # "2019" <a class="rss-icon" href="/feeds/blog-feed.xml"> <img src="/img/feed-icon.png" width="15px" height="15px" alt="RSS_ICON"</img> @@ -14,12 +14,8 @@ This is the place where I put all of my ramblings, rants, essays, and random tho Below you can find links to things that I have posted: -### Blog Posts +### 2019 <ul> - <li><a href="blog/qutebrowser-to-firefox">Why I Switched Back to Firefox + <li>2019-06-20 <a href="blog/qutebrowser-to-firefox">Why I Switched Back to Firefox from Qutebrowser</a></li> </ul> - -### Essays - -None yet! diff --git a/pages/blog/ b/pages/blog/ @@ -0,0 +1,39 @@ +## The Difficulty of Educating People About Online Privacy + +[//]: # "Anyone who has tried to 'convince' someone about + +[//]: # "base.min.css" + +[//]: # + +<b>Written By:</b> Jake Bauer | + <b>Posted:</b> 2019-10-27 | + <b>Last Updated:</b> 2019-10-27 + +Anybody who has tried to educate someone about digital privacy issues and +exploitation of personal data knows that this can sometimes be like bashing ones +head against a wall over and over. Many people not "in the know", and even some +self-described "technology enthusiasts" use products such as Amazon's Alexa, +Facebook, the Google Suite, and more because they make some aspects of their +lives convenient and, in the case of a home assistant, they can be fun gadgets. + +The unfortunate aspect of these devices and services is that you don't have +control over the data you put into them or how these service providers should +handle your data. Even if you can "delete a post" or "create a new document", in +reality you have no clue what these service providers are doing with your data. +If you're reading this article, you most likely already know this and are aware +of the dangers that come with service providers like Facebook, Twitter, and +Google collecting all manner of data on their users. + +The difficulty of educating people about online privacy is due to three main +factors. The first is that people are stubborn. It is very difficult to get +someone who is set in their ways to change how they think or behave for several +psychological reasons on which I'm not qualified to comment. The second is that +many people are completely ignorant as to how the devices they use on a daily +basis work. Even at a basic level, many people go through life not having any +clue what the internet actually is and don't care to learn. This leads into the +third major point: apathy. Lots of people that I have tried to educate about +online privacy simply do not care to learn or do not care what happens to their +data. This is probably the most significant barrier to educating someone because +if someone has no will to change or learn it is impossible for a reasonable +person to be effective at educating them without being too forceful. diff --git a/pages/blog/ b/pages/blog/ @@ -0,0 +1,83 @@ +## Blogs From Cool People + +[//]: # "Check out this collection of blogs from other people who write about the same/similar stuff that I do." + +[//]: # "base.min.css" + +[//]: # + +Below is a bunch of blogs that I follow; most of which are in the same domain as +my blog (i.e. technology, programming, system administration, privacy, etc). +They are listed in alphabetical order with the primary language of the blog +noted beside each entry. If you're interested in the stuff that I write about +then you'll probably also be interested in what these folks have to say: + +* [Andy Bell's Blog]( – <b>[EN]</b> Topics include: + CSS, website design and accessibility, life as a software developer. + +* [ayekat's Blog]( – <b>[EN]</b> Topics include: System + administration, programming and more. + +* [Beyer Matthias' Blog]( — <b>[EN]</b> Topics + include: NixOS, Rust, free and open software. + +* [Brandon Nolet's Blog]( – <b>[EN]</b> Topics include: + Technology, computing, system administration, and more. + +* [Ctrl Blog]( – <b>[EN]</b> Topics include: The + internet, technology, and more. + +* [Codesections Blog]( – <b>[EN]</b> Topics + include: Programming, technology and more. + +* [Drew DeVault's Blog]( — <b>[EN]</b> Topics include: + Programming languages, project updates (Sway, Sourcehut, etc), and the + occasional opinion piece. + +* [einGeek]( – <b>[DE]</b> Topics include: The + internet, programming languages, and more. + +* [Eleos in space]( — <b>[FR]</b> Topics include: + Technology and programming. + +* [Emanuel Pina's Blog]( – <b>[EN]</b> Topics include: + System administration, privacy, and programming. + +* [Fred's Notes]( — <b>[EN]</b> Topics include: + Technology and miscellaneous interesting things. + +* [fnux's Blog]( – <b>[EN]</b> Topics include: System + administration. + +* [Humbug]( — <b>[EN]</b> Topics include: Technology and + programming. + +* []( — <b>[EN]</b> Topics include: Capture the + Flag writeups and programming languages. + +* [jlelse's Blog]( — <b>[EN]</b> Topics include: New + technologies and new programming languages. + +* [J.R. Swab's Blog]( – <b>[EN]</b> Topics include: + System administration, programming, technology and more. + +* [Kev Quirk's Blog]( – <b>[EN]</b> Topics include: Privacy, + self-hosting, system administration and more. + +* [Kuketz IT-Security]( — <b>[DE]</b> Topics + include: System administration, security, and hacking. + +* [Matthias Ott's Blog]( – <b>[EN]</b> Topics + include: Software engineering, privacy, software design and more. + +* [Max Böck's Blog]( – <b>[EN]</b> Topics include: The + internet, front-end web development, and software development/design. + +* [Nduli's World]( — <b>[EN]</b> Topics include: Python + programming, Linux, general programming topics and system administration. + +* [Ryland Goldstein]( – <b>[EN]</b> Topics include: Software + engineering, programming, and technology. + +* []( – <b>[EN]</b> Topics include: + nothing yet. This is just here to pressure him into writing something.