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Fix links on projects page

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diff --git a/gemini/pages/projects.gmi b/gemini/pages/projects.gmi @@ -7,21 +7,21 @@ The source code for all of my projects can be found hosted in either of these pl => SourceHut => My Git Server -Although SourceHut is my preferred hosted git service, I also have a to collaborate with other free software projects. However, I don't host any of my own repositories on there anymore. - ## Major Projects ### usrmnt A small utility to mount, unmount, unlock, etc. your devices from the terminal with an intuitive command syntax and using an intuitive text-based UI. -=> gemini:// +=> gemini:// Project Page +=> Git Repository ### KontaktDB Store, retrieve, and edit basic contact information in plain text. -=> gemini:// +=> gemini:// Project Page +=> Git Repository ## Minor Projects