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diff --git a/pages/ b/pages/ @@ -11,10 +11,9 @@ student of computer science with a strong interest in computer security, networking, and low-level stuff. I enjoy programming, figuring out how systems work, and completing hacking challenges when I have/make the time. If you're interested, you can find out which tools I use on a daily basis, what operating -system(s) I like and why, and more related to that over on the page about [what -I use](/uses). You can also see what I'm up to now by visiting the [now -page](/now). I also recommend reading [about this site](/about-site) for more -information on how the site operates and the philosophy behind its design. +system(s) I like and why, what I'm up to now, and more information on how the +site operates and the philosophy behind its design using the links at the bottom +of this page. My spare time is usually occupied with learning, programming, gardening, playing video games, or getting outside. I also enjoy watching talks from conferences @@ -41,3 +40,11 @@ want to get in touch, or have any questions, you can contact me at []( [Here is my GPG public key](/share/pubkey.txt). It should have the fingerprint: `2485 4C7E B4D8 E61D EF4A 139F AFFE 5575 C207 163D`. + +### More About Me + +* [Software and tools I use on a daily basis](/uses) + +* [What I'm up to now](/now) + +* [More about the design and philosophy behind this website](/about-site) diff --git a/pages/ b/pages/ @@ -21,8 +21,8 @@ to get work done. It is inspired by []( * **Case:** Deepcool Kendomen Black ATX Mid * **Storage:** - **Boot Drive:** Samsung 970 Evo 250GB NVMe SSD - - **Extra Storage:** Crucial MX300 275GB SATA SSD - - **Windows Boot:** Seagate 7200RPM 750GB SATA-II HDD + - **Additional Storage:** HGST Deskstar 5K4000 4.0TB 5700RPM HDD + - **Windows Boot:** Crucial MX300 275GB SATA SSD - **Windows Games:** Samsung 860 Evo 250GB SATA SSD * **Monitors:** 2x ASUS VP239H-P 23" 1080 IPS @@ -33,8 +33,8 @@ the time (November, 2017) were absolutely horrendous. #### Laptop -I also own a Thinkpad T440s which I purchased second-hand off of eBay with the -following specifications: +I also own a Thinkpad T440s (I don't actually mind the trackpad) which I +purchased second-hand off of eBay with the following specifications: * **CPU:** Intel i5-4300U * **RAM:** 4GB Soldered + 4GB Samsung DDR3L SO-DIMM @@ -44,15 +44,15 @@ following specifications: #### Tablets -* Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130 - Used mostly as a side-display in addition to my -desktop monitors. +* Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130 - Used mostly as a portable display for when I need to +reference things like datasheets or D&D rulebooks. - **CPU:** Intel i5-4300Y - **RAM:** 8GB DDR3 - **GPU:** Intel Integrated Graphics - **Storage:** 128GB SATA M.2 SSD - **Screen:** 1080p w/ Touch - With dock and keyboard - - Runs the latest Ubuntu + - Runs the latest ElementaryOS * Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite - Used for reading PDFs, kept entirely offline. - 1GB RAM @@ -68,27 +68,55 @@ desktop monitors. #### Server Equipment -I also own a few other computers which I primarily use as servers. The first is -an older HP SFF desktop computer which I use as my home router running OPNSense. -It is technically quite a bit more powerful than a router needs to be for my -purposes but it draws only 20W at idle and stays nice and cool. Plus, I got it -for free. - -I have also repurposed two older laptops of about the same processor generation -as the HP for use as small servers. I have one acting as a monitoring server and -the other currently sits unused as I am unsure what to do with it. - -The "Big Iron" of my homelab is my Dell PowerEdge R415 which I managed to -purchase for less than $100 USD, shipping included. It has two power-hungry AMD -Opteron 4130s inside which aren't all that powerful compared to Intel processors -of the same generation but, for the price, it was a deal I couldn't pass up -especially since it came with a Dell Perc H700 storage controller. This server -has 2x4TB 7200RPM HGST NAS drives configured in RAID-1 as well as a second 4TB -5900RPM HGST drive used as a local backup for the contents of the RAID-1 array. -The server has 16GB of DDR3 ECC RAM which, while low for a server, is more than -enough for my uses; I haven't even come close to using a quarter of it yet. I -plan to replace this server with more power-efficient and less noisy hardware in -the future. +I try to self-host most of my services and I aim for low-cost, power-efficient, +and silent equipment. Below is a list of the equipment which I currently use: + +##### OPNSense Router + +I got this computer for free so I decided to make it my home router. I added 2 +more gigabit NICs with a PCIe card for a total of three (one WAN, one LAN, one +Wi-Fi). It has more horsepower than a router typically needs, but it also does +more than a typical router. For example, it runs intrusion detection software +which scans every packet. It also typically only draws 15-20W and stays very +quiet. Here are the specifications: + +* HP SFF Desktop PC w/ Proprietary Motherboard/Case/PSU + - **CPU:** Intel Core i3-3220 CPU @ 3.30GHz (4C/4T) + - **RAM:** 2x2GB DDR3 + - **Storage:** 160GB Fujitsu 2.5" SATA-II HDD + +##### Rackmount Server **[DECOMMISSIONED]** + +I got this for a mere $95 USD with shipping and it served me well for about a +year before [I found out it was literally less powerful than an old laptop I +had](/blog/decommissioning-my-rackmount-server). Here are the specs: + +* Dell R415 w/ Proprietary Motherboard/Case/2x PSUs + - **CPU:** 2x AMD Opteron 4130 @ 2.26GHz (4C/4T each) + - **RAM:** 8x2GB DDR3 ECC + - **RAID Card:** Dell Perc H700 w/ Backup Battery + - **Storage:** 2x HGST 4.0TB 7200RPM HDD Model #: HDN726040ALE614 in RAID-1 + - **Backup Storage:** HGST Deskstar 5K4000 4.0TB 5700RPM HDD + +##### Proxmox Server + +This is one of my old laptops. I think it may be my second ever laptop which +I've owned for at least 7 years if not longer. + +* Lenovo V570 Laptop (missing display) + - **CPU:** i5-2450M @ 2.50GHz (2C/4T) + - **RAM:** 8GB DDR3 + - **Storage:** Seagate Momentus 500GB 5400RPM + - **Backup Storage:** Seagate Expansion 8TB External HDD + +##### Gitea Server + +Purchased for $20 including a case from a local seller. + +* PineA64+ (Original, not LTS) + - **CPU:** Allwinner A64 + - **RAM:** 2GB DDR3 + - **Storage:** 32GB SanDisk Ultra SD Card ### Software @@ -101,10 +129,11 @@ the future. As far as software goes, I try to stay as far away from proprietary applications as I possibly can. I typically use terminal-based applications over GUI ones as -I find that terminal-based applications feel more efficient and more -comfortable to me. +I find that terminal-based applications feel more efficient once I've learned +how to use them. It's just a preference though. -View [my dotfiles]( +View [my dotfiles]( +([mirror]( #### Operating System(s) @@ -218,13 +247,12 @@ I use Firefox with the following addons: I use [neomutt]( It's light, fast, and lets me efficiently manage my mail. It only displays in plain-text so I can avoid those annoying HTML emails and it makes me feel much more comfortable using email. I -synchronize my mail with [offlineimap]( +synchronize my mail with [mbsync]( #### IRC Client -While I don't find myself on IRC much these days. I still use -[irssi]( as my client. It's customizable, powerful, and yet -simple. +I use [weechat]( as my client. It's customizable, powerful, +and yet simple with sane defaults. #### Instant Messaging @@ -267,7 +295,7 @@ application I want (e.g. open a Youtube feed in MPV). I will typically write documents in either markdown or LaTeX. I use [LibreOffice]( for those tasks which require spreadsheets (I have a fairly complex budgeting spreadsheet) or when someone -"requires" that something be submitted in .docx format. +"requires" that something be submitted in `.docx` format. #### Presentations