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diff --git a/content/blog/ b/content/blog/ @@ -102,8 +102,8 @@ The 13.3" 1920x1080 glossy, touchscreen display looks crisp, vibrant, and clear. Despite it only having 165 PPI, it's sharp from reasonable viewing distances and has the added bonus of using much less power than the alternative 3840x2160 display. The display can reportedly reach a peak brightness of 400 -nits, but I use it at about 30% brightness when indoors. It is by far the best -display I've had on a laptop. I would have preferred a 16:10 or 3:2 aspect +nits, but I use it at about 10-20% brightness when indoors. It is by far the +best display I've had on a laptop. I would have preferred a 16:10 or 3:2 aspect ratio, but that's only recently come back in vogue so I would have had to pay twice the price or more for a laptop with that feature. @@ -192,6 +192,15 @@ while running: stress --cpu 4 --vm 4 --vm-bytes 1024M ``` +_Update 2023-03-14:_ The new battery has arrived. I installed it (alongside +a quick clean-out of the fans and heatsink) and did a full charge, followed by +a discharge to 0%, followed by a charge back up to full in order to calibrate +it. As far as power draw, it looks like OpenBSD draws roughly 8-9W at idle and +Linux can go as low as 1.5-2W. Battery life is roughly 5-6 hours on OpenBSD and +estimated at 9-12 hours on Linux, depending on the workload and screen +brightness. This makes sense given that OpenBSD does not implement a lot of the +powersave functionality in most (if not all) of its drivers. + ## OpenBSD Support Log **2023-03-14**: The only thing that didn't work well out of the box was @@ -240,6 +249,15 @@ a report]( to the openbsd-bugs mailing list using the `sendbug(1)` utility, so we'll see what people more knowledgable than I can make of this problem. +**2023-04-13**: I also had an issue where the laptop would immediately suspend +again if I closed the lid to suspend it and then opened it back up. This issue +was also noticed and solved by Todd C. Miller, who provided [a simple +patch]( that is now in +the OpenBSD kernel. No progress on figuring out my freeze-on-resume issue, +though Todd may also be having [a similar +issue]( When I get +some time, I'll see if I can replicate the behaviour they are seeing. + ## Current OpenBSD Support Summary Status is relative to OpenBSD-current as of 2023-03-17.