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Update information on home page

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diff --git a/pages/ b/pages/ @@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ and staunch supporter of online freedom, privacy rights, and free and open access to information and knowledge. []( is currently offline but will come -back online by October 10, 2021. +back online soon™. ### Blog @@ -31,17 +31,13 @@ of the blog posts I am most proud of: ### About This Site -This website is a static site generated from Markdown files using +This is a static website generated from Markdown using [lowdown]( with my POSIX shell-based static site generator. It is designed to be lightweight, accessible, and -privacy-respecting. - -Unless otherwise stated, all content on this website is licensed under the [CC -BY 4.0 International License]( and all -code on and for this website is licensed under the [ISC -License]( The source code is available on -[SourceHut]( and -[]( +privacy-respecting. The source code is available on +[sourcehut]( and +[]( This site is also +featured on []( ### Contact