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diff --git a/pages/ b/pages/ @@ -123,6 +123,27 @@ Purchased for $20 including a case from a local seller. - **RAM:** 2GB DDR3 - **Storage:** 32GB SanDisk Ultra SD Card +#### Hostnames + +These are the names I give my computers/VMs. They are chosen from elements of +the Greek Underworld mythology. + +<table> <thead> +<tr><th>Name</th> <th>Description</th> <th>Current Use</th></tr> +</thead> </tbody> +<tr><td>Acheron</td> <td>River of pain</td> <td>Router/Firewall</td></tr> +<tr><td>Lethe</td> <td>River of forgetfullness</td> <td>Git server</td></tr> +<tr><td>Oceanus</td> <td>River that encircles the world, marks edge of Underworld</td> <td>Dell Venue Tablet</td></tr> +<tr><td>Curae</td> <td>Anxiety</td> <td>Matrix Server</td></tr> +<tr><td>Geras</td> <td>Old Age</td> <td>Thinkpad T420s</td></tr> +<tr><td>Eris</td> <td>Discord</td> <td>Mastodon Instance</td></tr> +<tr><td>Charon</td> <td>The ferryman of the dead</td> <td>Nginx Web Server/Reverse Proxy</td></tr> +<tr><td>Cerberus</td> <td>Guardian of the gates to the Underworld</td> <td>Proxmox VE</td></tr> +<tr><td>Minos</td> <td>Judge of the final vote</td> <td>Monitoring Server</td></tr> +<tr><td>Hades</td> <td>God of the Underworld</td> <td>Desktop Computer</td></tr> +<tr><td>Tartarus</td> <td>Pits of oblivion, dungeon of torment and suffering</td> <td>Mail Server</td></tr> +</tbody> </table> + ### Software <figure>