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diff --git a/content/garden/arboretum/ b/content/garden/arboretum/ @@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ I have categorized my opinions to make them easier to find: ## 💾 Programming -* General: [Style](style.html), [General Programming Tips and Advice](general-programming-tips-advice.html), [Programming Philosophy](programming-philosophy.html) +* General: [Style](style.html), [General Programming Tips and Advice](general-programming-tips-advice.html), [Programming Philosophy](programming-philosophy.html), [Bad Assumptions Made By User/Profile Systems](user-profile-systems-bad-assumptions.html) * Programming languages: [C](c.html), [Raku](raku.html) * Tools: [git](git.html), [Vim](vim.html) @@ -103,6 +103,7 @@ Notes, configurations, and other things related to computer system administratio * [Misskey Setup](misskey.html) * [Tarsnap Backups With Acts](tarsnap-backups-with-acts.html) * [UW IMAP Server Documentation](uw-imap.html) + * [Issues with Linux](linux-issues.html) ## 🍵 Tea diff --git a/content/garden/greenhouse/ b/content/garden/arboretum/ diff --git a/content/garden/greenhouse/ b/content/garden/arboretum/ diff --git a/content/garden/greenhouse/ b/content/garden/greenhouse/ @@ -1,27 +0,0 @@ -Title: AoM Podcast #828: The Groundhog Day Roadmap for Changing Your Life -Summary: AoM Podcast #828: The Groundhog Day Roadmap for Changing Your Life - -# [%title] - -Applying the principles of the movie Groundhog Day to your real life to help you get out of the same kind of slump the main character was in. - -If you had to live this life over and over for all eternity... is this the life you'd want to be living? Where are you going with your life? What is your purpose? - -It revolves around reframing your thinking to break out of a boring, grumpy existence where you're living your life everyday with the same thoughts and feelings. - -Many people become disconnected from the real experience of life because they're just stuck busy and worrying. They feel stuck, have compulsive thoughts and feelings, they feel like life is meaningless or they're living on autopilot and that they are powerless to change things. We can get stuck in a patten of thought referred to as the Hedonic Loop where we fixate on what we don't have or acquiring what we believe will make us happy, but when we get those things we don't turn out to be any happier than before so we keep seeking the next thing. The whole of modern society is based on scarcity and focusing on what we don't have, making goals, and achieving notable things. - -Change from the inside-out is often how one can break this cycle. We often find that changing our outside circumstances (e.g. moving to a different neighbourhood, switching jobs, etc.) doesn't change our feelings or thoughts. Mindfulness can allow you to escape this noise, and escape thinking about what you don't have by being more present in the world around you. Reconsider what would truly make you happy in life. What story are you telling yourself about what will make you happy? - -Groundhog day shows us that: - -* we can learn through experience what works for us and what doesn't by trying something new each day and learning through small, incremental changes; -* the way to happiness is through being present, helping others, being grateful and kind, and finding a real meaning in the world; -* time is a gift not an annoyance: it is something you have to do things with, not something to get through to the next thing; -* the quality of your moment-to-moment life is more important than whatever perceived destination you're heading towards; -* your personality is fluid, not fixed, and it is not your identity; -* not everything is going to have a goal or an end state, but what matters is the act of doing it; - -Journaling helps to reflect on the day. You can use it to record what has changed and what you want to change next. It can help to declutter the brain, help you remember what happened in a given day, can help you realize if you're in a pessimistic or negative loop, and it can help you not lose sight of your feelings and experiences. - -Being in the present is a peak state where you feel most calm, most present, most alive, "in the flow state of life". One of the goals is to connect to this state or reconnect to it. It's possible that we had it in our childhood—a time before education, where we spent most of our time being instead of ruminating. It's also a state when you realize what you do doesn't matter, yet it does at the same time. For example, making life more comfortable for someone you can't save (e.g. Groundhog Day protagonist being kind to a homeless man who is doomed to die each loop). Instead of fretting over the stuff you truly cannot change, you do good where you can. diff --git a/content/garden/greenhouse/ b/content/garden/greenhouse/ @@ -22,9 +22,6 @@ The Greenhouse is the place where new things are incorporated into the garden. I These are things that I have reviewed and taken notes on but don't know yet what to do with. * [AoM Podcast #825: Tactics and Mindset Shifts for Making the Most of Life](tactics-and-mindset-shifts-for-making-the-most-of-life.html) -* [AoM Podcast #828: The Groundhog Day Roadmap for Changing Your Life](groundhog-day-roadmap-for-changing-your-life.html) -* [Issues with Linux](linux-issues.html) -* [Bad Assumptions Made By User/Profile Systems](user-profile-systems-bad-assumptions.html) ## Clippings diff --git a/content/projects/ b/content/projects/ @@ -12,6 +12,11 @@ my own stuff. Things I'm spending the most time on right now: +<details> +<summary><a href=""></a> (2023-present) (Python 3)</summary> +<p>Working through the exercises at <a href="//"></a>.</p> +</details> + ## Other Active Projects Projects that I maintain but which don't take up much of my time: @@ -20,7 +25,7 @@ Projects that I maintain but which don't take up much of my time: <summary><a href="">sbs</a> (2021-present) (POSIX shell)</summary> <p>My custom static site generator that uses <a href="">lowdown(1)</a> and standard shell -utilities to build a website. It supports Markdown and Gemini as well as Atom feed generation and basic configuration.</p> +utilities to build a website. It supports Markdown files, Atom feed creation, and has a simple configuration.</p> </details> <details> @@ -49,12 +54,12 @@ changed to suit my needs. These are the ones I've made so far:</p> Things I'm no longer working on: <details> -<summary><a href="//">Clojurecember</a> (2022-present) (C)</summary> +<summary><a href="//">Clojurecember</a> (2022) (C)</summary> <p>My attempt to learn at least a little bit of Clojure each day in December, 2022. I ended up building a minimal text editor using the Seesaw GUI framework.</p> </details> <details> -<summary><a href="advent-of-code-2022">Advent of Code 2022</a> (2022-present) (C)</summary> +<summary><a href="advent-of-code-2022">Advent of Code 2022</a> (2022) (C)</summary> <p>Documenting my journey solving Advent of Code 2022 challenges.</p> </details>