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diff --git a/pages/ b/pages/ @@ -7,10 +7,9 @@ [//]: # Welcome to the blog! Most of what I have written and published for this site is -listed below (I have occasionally removed posts if I think they are low quality -or lack any valuable insight). Posts marked with a star ★ are blog posts I am -most proud of—either because I think they provide some valuable insight or -because I put a lot of effort into them. +listed below (I have removed posts I think are low quality or lack any valuable +insight). Please note that older posts—even those that are less than a year +old—may not match my current views or practices. For more short-form content, you can find me on [the Mastodon instance]( @@ -25,93 +24,206 @@ src="/img/feed-icon.png" width="15" height="15" alt="Click for RSS"/> Subscribe <button aria-label="Submit search query.">&#128270;</button> </form> -<ul> - <li>2021-10-26 <a href="blog/a-git-workflow-with-claws-mail">A Git Workflow With Claws Mail</a></li> - <li>2021-08-18 <a href="blog/laptops-suck-why-i-might-get-a-macbook-air">Laptops Suck (or Why I Might Get a New MacBook Air)</a></li> - <li class="blog-star">2021-08-05 <a href="blog/mastodon-is-dead-long-live-misskey">Mastodon Is Dead, Long Live Misskey 🍮</a></li> - <li>2021-02-17 <a href="blog/migrating-from-nginx-to-openbsd-httpd-and-relayd">Migrating from nginx to OpenBSD's httpd and relayd</a></li> - <li>2020-12-10 <a href="blog/flip-phone-challenge-complete">Flip Phone Challenge Complete</a></li> - <li>2020-11-30 <a href="blog/flip-phone-challenge">One Week Flip Phone Challenge</a></li> - <li>2020-11-02 <a href="blog/gemini-is-up-and-running">Gemini is Up and Running</a></li> - <li class="blog-star">2020-08-30 <a href="blog/why-irc-is-still-good">Why IRC is Still Good in $CURRENT_YEAR</a></li> - <li>2020-08-14 <a href="blog/the-hacker-quarterly-magazine">The Hacker Quarterly Magazine</a></li> - <li>2020-08-13 <a href="blog/ethical-investing">Ethical Investing</a></li> - <li>2020-08-12 <a href="blog/choosing-an-investment-brokerage">Choosing An Investment Brokerage</a></li> - <li>2020-08-09 <a href="blog/posting-statuses-on-pleroma-with-a-shell-script">Posting Statuses on Pleroma with a Shell Script</a></li> - <li>2020-08-08 <a href="blog/gentoo-isnt-for-me">Gentoo Isn't for Me</a></li> - <li class="blog-star">2020-08-03 <a href="blog/my-journey-with-computers">My Journey With Computers</a></li> - <li>2020-08-02 <a href="blog/vortex-vibe-keyboard">The Vortex ViBE Mechanical Keyboard</a></li> - <li>2020-07-29 <a href="blog/my-git-server-was-ddosed">My Git Server Was DDoSed</a></li> - <li>2020-07-25 <a href="blog/mastodon-to-pleroma-3-shutting-down-mastodon">Mastodon to Pleroma — 3 — Shutting Down Mastodon</a></li> - <li>2020-07-23 <a href="blog/mastodon-to-pleroma-2-customizing-my-instance">Mastodon to Pleroma — 2 — Customizing My Instance</a></li> - <li>2020-07-21 <a href="blog/mastodon-to-pleroma-1-setting-up-a-pleroma-server">Mastodon to Pleroma — 1 — Setting up a Pleroma Server</a></li> - <li class="blog-star">2020-07-16 <a href="blog/why-i-hate-the-term-modern">Why I Hate The Term "Modern"</a></li> - <li>2020-07-15 <a href="blog/be-a-good-netizen">Be A Good Netizen</a></li> - <li>2020-07-14 <a href="blog/debian-with-btrfs">Installing Debian 10 Buster with Encrypted LVM and btrfs Subvolumes</a></li> - <li>2020-07-13 <a href="blog/using-rm-with-trash">Using the "rm" Command with Trash</a></li> - <li>2020-07-11 <a href="blog/colours-for-gitea-issues">Colours for Gitea Issues</a></li> - <li>2020-07-08 <a href="blog/my-todo-solution">My TODO Solution</a></li> - <li class="blog-star">2020-07-07 <a href="blog/are-todo-applications-a-waste-of-time">Are TODO Applications a Waste of Time?</a></li> - <li>2020-07-06 <a href="blog/improving-blog-searching">Improving Blog Searching</a></li> - <li>2020-07-05 <a href="blog/switching-to-cgit">Switching to cgit</a></li> - <li>2020-07-04 <a href="blog/generating-my-geek-code">Generating My Geek Code</a></li> - <li>2020-07-03 <a href="blog/adding-search-to-my-blog">Adding Search to my Blog</a></li> - <li>2020-07-02 <a href="blog/a-month-and-a-half-of-self-hosted-email">A Month-and-a-Half of Self-Hosted Email</a></li> - <li>2020-06-28 <a href="blog/how-i-keep-my-home-directory-clean">How I Keep My Home Directory Clean</a></li> - <li>2020-06-26 <a href="blog/use-syncthing-to-sync-things">Use Syncthing to Sync Things</a></li> - <li class="blog-star">2020-06-26 <a href="blog/why-dwm-swallowing-cant-swallow-tmux">Why dwm's Window Swallowing Patch Can't Swallow tmux</a></li> - <li>2020-06-22 <a href="blog/my-lwn-theme">My LWN Theme</a></li> - <li>2020-06-21 <a href="blog/reflecting-on-50-days-of-blogging">Reflecting on 50 Days of Blogging</a></li> - <li>2020-06-20 <a href="blog/how-to-create-an-rss-feed-for-your-blog-3">How to Create an RSS Feed for Your Blog — 3 — Automating Updates</a></li> - <li>2020-06-19 <a href="blog/how-to-create-an-rss-feed-for-your-blog-2">How to Create an RSS Feed for Your Blog — 2 — The Basics</a></li> - <li>2020-06-18 <a href="blog/how-to-create-an-rss-feed-for-your-blog-1">How to Create an RSS Feed for Your Blog — 1 — Why?</a></li> - <li>2020-06-16 <a href="blog/my-beginnings-with-gentoo">My Beginnings with Gentoo</a></li> - <li>2020-06-15 <a href="blog/my-new-t420s">My New T420s</a></li> - <li>2020-06-14 <a href="blog/announcing-kontaktb">Announcing kontaktdb</a></li> - <li>2020-06-13 <a href="blog/how-i-manage-my-dotfiles">How I Manage My Dotfiles</a></li> - <li>2020-06-12 <a href="blog/making-my-site-easier-to-read">Making My Site Easier to Read</a></li> - <li>2020-06-11 <a href="blog/improving-my-blog-post-publishing-script">Improving My Blog Post Publishing Script</a></li> - <li>2020-06-11 <a href="blog/trying-out-dwm">Trying Out dwm</a></li> - <li>2020-06-09 <a href="blog/setting-up-a-status-page">Setting Up a Status Page</a></li> - <li>2020-06-08 <a href="blog/scripting-my-way-to-success">Scripting My Way to Success</a></li> - <li>2020-06-07 <a href="blog/curating-my-blogroll">Curating My Blogroll</a></li> - <li class="blog-star">2020-06-07 <a href="blog/why-email-is-the-best-discussion-platform">Why Email is the Best Discussion Platform</a></li> - <li>2020-06-02 <a href="blog/toggling-between-indentation-styles-in-vim">Toggling Between Indentation Styles in Vim</a></li> - <li>2020-06-02 <a href="blog/dnd-xp-system">My Custom XP System for DnD</a></li> - <li>2020-05-31 <a href="blog/it-doesnt-have-to-be-perfect">It Doesn't Have to Be Perfect</a></li> - <li>2020-05-29 <a href="blog/book-review-the-mediocre-programmer">Book Review: The Mediocre Programmer</a></li> - <li>2020-05-28 <a href="blog/a-quick-rant-about-web-font-sizes">A Quick Rant About Web Font Sizes</a></li> - <li>2020-05-27 <a href="blog/i-like-perl">I Like Perl</a></li> - <li class="blog-star">2020-05-26 <a href="blog/choosing-a-self-hosted-git-service">Choosing a Self-Hosted Git Service</a></li> - <li>2020-05-25 <a href="blog/going-from-user-to-contributor-with-foss">Going From User to Contributor With FOSS</a></li> - <li class="blog-star">2020-05-25 <a href="blog/paying-for-software">Paying for Software</a></li> - <li>2020-05-23 <a href="blog/two-of-the-most-valuable-lessons-ive-learned">Two of the Most Valuable Lessons I've Learned</a></li> - <li>2020-05-22 <a href="blog/rewriting-my-static-site-generator">Rewriting My Static Site Generator</a></li> - <li>2020-05-19 <a href="blog/self-hosted-mail-now-live">Self-Hosted Email is Now Live!</a></li> - <li>2020-05-19 <a href="blog/attempting-to-replace-my-thinkpads-touchpad">Attempting to Replace My Thinkpad's Touchpad</a></li> - <li>2020-05-18 <a href="blog/trying-out-aerc">Trying Out aerc</a></li> - <li>2020-05-17 <a href="blog/setting-up-gpg-keys-from-scratch">Setting Up GPG Keys from Scratch</a></li> - <li>2020-05-16 <a href="blog/self-hosting-email">Self-Hosting Email</a></li> - <li>2020-05-15 <a href="blog/preparing-to-self-host-email">Preparing to Self-Host Email</a></li> - <li>2020-05-13 <a href="blog/diving-deeper-into-the-small-internet">Diving Deeper Into the Small Internet</a></li> - <li>2020-05-12 <a href="blog/setting-up-a-gopher-site">Setting Up A Gopher Site</a></li> - <li>2020-05-11 <a href="blog/a-brief-review-of-fedora-32">A Brief Review of Fedora 32</a></li> - <li>2020-05-10 <a href="blog/why-i-love-the-fediverse">Why I Love the Fediverse</a></li> - <li>2020-05-09 <a href="blog/submitting-a-bug-report-to-freebsd">Submitting a Bug Report to FreeBSD</a></li> - <li class="blog-star">2020-05-07 <a href="blog/the-joys-of-old-tech">The Joys of Old Tech</a></li> - <li>2020-05-05 <a href="blog/refining-my-neomutt-config">Refining My NeoMutt Configuration</a></li> - <li>2020-05-03 <a href="blog/the-diefenbunker-museum">The Diefenbunker Museum</a></li> - <li>2020-05-02 <a href="blog/the-disappearance-of-one">The Disappearance of <em>One</em></a></li> - <li>2020-05-01 <a href="blog/caring-about-seo">Caring About SEO</a></li> - <li>2020-04-28 <a href="blog/how-far-translation-tools-have-come">How Far Translation Tools Have Come</a></li> - <li>2020-04-25 <a href="blog/why-i-blog">Why I Blog and #100DaysToOffload</a></li> - <li>2020-04-11 <a href="blog/decommissioning-my-rackmount-server">Decommissioning My Rackmount Server</a></li> - <li>2020-02-28 <a href="blog/logo-redesign">Redesigning My Website's Logo</a></li> - <li>2020-02-24 <a href="blog/making-my-own-vim-statusline">Making My Own Vim Statusline</a></li> - <li>2020-02-14 <a href="blog/urxvt-to-st">Switching from urxvt to st</a></li> - <li>2020-02-06 <a href="blog/website-redesign">Making My Website More Accessible</a></li> - <li>2019-12-20 <a href="blog/difficulty-of-privacy-education">The Difficulty of Educating People About Online Privacy</a></li> - <li>2019-11-23 <a href="blog/china">China</a></li> - <li>2019-06-20 <a href="blog/qutebrowser-to-firefox">Why I Switched Back to - Firefox from Qutebrowser</a></li> -</ul> +October 26, 2021<br> +[A Git Workflow With Claws Mail](blog/a-git-workflow-with-claws-mail) + +August 18, 2021<br> +[Laptops Suck (or Why I Might Get a New MacBook Air)](blog/laptops-suck-why-i-might-get-a-macbook-air) + +August 5, 2021<br> +[Mastodon Is Dead, Long Live Misskey 🍮](blog/mastodon-is-dead-long-live-misskey) + +February 17, 2021<br> +[Migrating from nginx to OpenBSD's httpd and relayd](blog/migrating-from-nginx-to-openbsd-httpd-and-relayd) + +December 10, 2020<br> +[Flip Phone Challenge Complete](blog/flip-phone-challenge-complete) + +November 30, 2020<br> +[One Week Flip Phone Challenge](blog/flip-phone-challenge) + +November 02, 2020<br> +[Gemini is Up and Running](blog/gemini-is-up-and-running) + +August 30, 2020<br> +[Why IRC is Still Good in $CURRENT_YEAR](blog/why-irc-is-still-good) + +August 14, 2020<br> +[The Hacker Quarterly Magazine](blog/the-hacker-quarterly-magazine) + +August 13, 2020<br> +[Ethical Investing](blog/ethical-investing) + +August 12, 2020<br> +[Choosing An Investment Brokerage](blog/choosing-an-investment-brokerage) + +August 08, 2020<br> +[Gentoo Isn't for Me](blog/gentoo-isnt-for-me) + +August 03, 2020<br> +[My Journey With Computers](blog/my-journey-with-computers) + +August 02, 2020<br> +[The Vortex ViBE Mechanical Keyboard](blog/vortex-vibe-keyboard) + +July 29, 2020<br> +[My Git Server Was DDoSed](blog/my-git-server-was-ddosed) + +July 16, 2020<br> +[Why I Hate The Term "Modern"](blog/why-i-hate-the-term-modern) + +July 15, 2020<br> +[Be A Good Netizen](blog/be-a-good-netizen) + +July 14, 2020<br> +[Installing Debian 10 Buster with Encrypted LVM and btrfs Subvolumes](blog/debian-with-btrfs) + +July 13, 2020<br> +[Using the "rm" Command with Trash](blog/using-rm-with-trash) + +July 11, 2020<br> +[Colours for Gitea Issues](blog/colours-for-gitea-issues) + +July 08, 2020<br> +[My TODO Solution](blog/my-todo-solution) + +July 07, 2020<br> +[Are TODO Applications a Waste of Time?](blog/are-todo-applications-a-waste-of-time) + +July 06, 2020<br> +[Improving Blog Searching](blog/improving-blog-searching) + +July 05, 2020<br> +[Switching to cgit](blog/switching-to-cgit) + +July 04, 2020<br> +[Generating My Geek Code](blog/generating-my-geek-code) + +July 02, 2020<br> +[A Month-and-a-Half of Self-Hosted Email](blog/a-month-and-a-half-of-self-hosted-email) + +June 28, 2020<br> +[How I Keep My Home Directory Clean](blog/how-i-keep-my-home-directory-clean) + +June 26, 2020<br> +[Use Syncthing to Sync Things](blog/use-syncthing-to-sync-things) + +June 26, 2020<br> +[Why dwm's Window Swallowing Patch Can't Swallow tmux](blog/why-dwm-swallowing-cant-swallow-tmux) + +June 22, 2020<br> +[My LWN Theme](blog/my-lwn-theme) + +June 16, 2020<br> +[My Beginnings with Gentoo](blog/my-beginnings-with-gentoo) + +June 15, 2020<br> +[My New T420s](blog/my-new-t420s) + +June 13, 2020<br> +[How I Manage My Dotfiles](blog/how-i-manage-my-dotfiles) + +June 12, 2020<br> +[Making My Site Easier to Read](blog/making-my-site-easier-to-read) + +June 08, 2020<br> +[Scripting My Way to Success](blog/scripting-my-way-to-success) + +June 07, 2020<br> +[Why Email is the Best Discussion Platform](blog/why-email-is-the-best-discussion-platform) + +June 02, 2020<br> +[Toggling Between Indentation Styles in Vim](blog/toggling-between-indentation-styles-in-vim) + +May 28, 2020<br> +[A Quick Rant About Web Font Sizes](blog/a-quick-rant-about-web-font-sizes) + +May 26, 2020<br> +[Choosing a Self-Hosted Git Service](blog/choosing-a-self-hosted-git-service) + +May 25, 2020<br> +[Going From User to Contributor With FOSS](blog/going-from-user-to-contributor-with-foss) + +May 25, 2020<br> +[Paying for Software](blog/paying-for-software) + +May 23, 2020<br> +[Two of the Most Valuable Lessons I've Learned](blog/two-of-the-most-valuable-lessons-ive-learned) + +May 22, 2020<br> +[Rewriting My Static Site Generator](blog/rewriting-my-static-site-generator) + +May 19, 2020<br> +[Self-Hosted Email is Now Live!](blog/self-hosted-mail-now-live) + +May 19, 2020<br> +[Attempting to Replace My Thinkpad's Touchpad](blog/attempting-to-replace-my-thinkpads-touchpad) + +May 18, 2020<br> +[Trying Out aerc](blog/trying-out-aerc) + +May 17, 2020<br> +[Setting Up GPG Keys from Scratch](blog/setting-up-gpg-keys-from-scratch) + +May 16, 2020<br> +[Self-Hosting Email](blog/self-hosting-email) + +May 15, 2020<br> +[Preparing to Self-Host Email](blog/preparing-to-self-host-email) + +May 13, 2020<br> +[Diving Deeper Into the Small Internet](blog/diving-deeper-into-the-small-internet) + +May 12, 2020<br> +[Setting Up A Gopher Site](blog/setting-up-a-gopher-site) + +May 11, 2020<br> +[A Brief Review of Fedora 32](blog/a-brief-review-of-fedora-32) + +May 10, 2020<br> +[Why I Love the Fediverse](blog/why-i-love-the-fediverse) + +May 09, 2020<br> +[Submitting a Bug Report to FreeBSD](blog/submitting-a-bug-report-to-freebsd) + +May 07, 2020<br> +[The Joys of Old Tech](blog/the-joys-of-old-tech) + +May 05, 2020<br> +[Refining My NeoMutt Configuration](blog/refining-my-neomutt-config) + +May 03, 2020<br> +[The Diefenbunker Museum](blog/the-diefenbunker-museum) + +May 02, 2020<br> +[The Disappearance of <em>One</em>](blog/the-disappearance-of-one) + +May 01, 2020<br> +[Caring About SEO](blog/caring-about-seo) + +April 28, 2020<br> +[How Far Translation Tools Have Come](blog/how-far-translation-tools-have-come) + +April 25, 2020<br> +[Why I Blog and #100DaysToOffload](blog/why-i-blog) + +April 11, 2020<br> +[Decommissioning My Rackmount Server](blog/decommissioning-my-rackmount-server) + +February 28, 2020<br> +[Redesigning My Website's Logo](blog/logo-redesign) + +February 24, 2020<br> +[Making My Own Vim Statusline](blog/making-my-own-vim-statusline) + +February 14, 2020<br> +[Switching from urxvt to st](blog/urxvt-to-st) + +December 20, 2019<br> +[The Difficulty of Educating People About Online Privacy](blog/difficulty-of-privacy-education) + +November 23, 2019<br> +[China](blog/china) + +June 20, 2019<br> +[Why I Switched Back to Firefox from Qutebrowser](blog/qutebrowser-to-firefox) diff --git a/style/main.css b/style/main.css @@ -56,15 +56,6 @@ li { list-style-type: circle; } { - list-style-type: none; -} - { - content: '★'; - margin: 0 5px 0 -20px; -} - li a { text-decoration: none; }