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diff --git a/pages/ b/pages/ @@ -4,23 +4,63 @@ [//]: # "main.min.css" -[//]: # "Internet Culture; Videos and Lectures; Programming; Philosophical and Political; Blogroll" +[//]: # "Internet Culture; Videos and Lectures; Programming; sub:Vim; sub:Web Design; Blogroll" ### Internet Culture -Links to come. +* [Hacker Laws]( - "Laws, Theories, + Principles and Patterns that developers will find useful." + +* [How To Ask Questions The Smart Way]( - + A document by [Eric S. Raymond]( about how to ask + questions on the Internet. An essential read for every Internet user. + +* [How to Become a Hacker]( - + A valuable read for anyone wanting to become a programmer, wanting to + contribute to free/open source projects, or anyone who is a self-proclaimed + "hacker". + +* [Use plaintext email]( - A website detailing the + reasons why you should use plaintext email instead of HTML email. Also talks + about email ettiquette which makes this a must-read if you are thinking of + contributing to software projects which do most of their communication over + email (e.g. Debian, the Linux kernel). ### Videos and Lectures -Links to come. +* [The Missing Semester of Your CS Education]( - + A great resource on the things that are really helpful as a programmer and + computer scientist but which school glosses over and expects you to figure + out on your own. Things like making effective use of the terminal, using + tools like vim, and version control. + +* [FOSDEM 2020 - The Selfish Contributor Explained]( - + A talk about what motivates open source contributors and what can happen + when people feel like they're being taken advantage of. ### Programming -Links to come. +#### Vim + +* [Vim anti-patterns]( - + A writeup of some of the traps people can fall into when using vim and how + to get out of them (I know I'm guilty of a few). + +* []( - A collection of some good tips and + tricks for using vim more efficiently/effectively. + +* []( - A collection of useful tutorials and + webcasts on using vim. + +#### Web Design -### Philosophical and Political +* [CO2 emissions on the web]( - + A fantastic article about the hidden impact of our websites and Internet + traffic. Every byte counts. -Links to come. +* [The Website Obestiy Crisis]( - + A detailed overview of the current crisis regarding the size of modern + websites and the issues arising from this "obesity crisis". ### Blogroll