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Simple reword of home page

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diff --git a/pages/ b/pages/ @@ -1,45 +1,15 @@ ## Home -[//]: # "This is the personal website of me, Jake Bauer. This is where I host my blog and where I post my projects and guides. Everything is accessible through the links at the top of the page." +[//]: # "This is the personal website and blog of Jake Bauer." [//]: # "main.min.css" [//]: # is the personal website of Jake Bauer. - -<figure class="badge"> - <a href="/img/logo-ftp.png"><img style="width:64px;height:64px" - src="/img/logo-ftp.png" - alt=" logo"/></a> -</figure><span></span> - -<figure class="badge"> - <a href="/img/logo-git.png"><img style="width:64px;height:64px" - src="/img/logo-git.png" - alt=" logo"/></a> -</figure><span></span> - -<figure class="badge"> - <a href="/img/logo-mastodon.png"><img style="width:64px;height:64px" - src="/img/logo-mastodon.png" - alt=" logo"/></a> -</figure><span></span> - -<figure class="badge"> - <a href="/img/logo-wiki.png"><img style="width:64px;height:64px" - src="/img/logo-wiki.png" - alt=" logo"/></a> -</figure><span></span> - -<figure class="badge"> - <a href="/img/logo-matrix.png"><img style="width:149px;height:64px" - src="/img/logo-matrix.png" - alt=" logo"/></a> -</figure><span></span> - -You can also find me over <a rel="me" -href="">on Mastodon</a>. +This is the personal website and blog of Jake Bauer. I host a wiki, linked at +the top of the page, as well as a [git server]( and a +[file sharing server]( You can also find me over <a +rel="me" href="">on Mastodon</a>. <div class="feed-wrapper"> <h3 class="feed-title">What's New:</h3>