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Author: Jake Bauer <>
Date:   Tue,  9 Feb 2021 04:27:06 -0500

Unlist less-than-stellar blog posts

I wasn't happy with a few of the blog posts made during the
100DaysToOffload challenge and no longer wish to feature them in my list
of blog posts. They will (for the time being) remain on the site and
always will be in this repository, but I don't want to have them listed
because I want my blog to have a higher standard of quality.

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diff --git a/http/pages/ b/http/pages/ @@ -30,13 +30,11 @@ src="/img/feed-icon.png" width="15" height="15" alt="Click for RSS"/> Subscribe <li>2020-09-24 <a href="blog/gomux-is-the-best-cli-matrix-client">Gomuks is the Best CLI Matrix Client</a></li> <li>2020-08-30 <a href="blog/why-irc-is-still-good">Why IRC is Still Good in $CURRENT_YEAR</a></li> <li>2020-08-29 <a href="blog/btw-i-use-arch">BTW, I Use Arch</a></li> - <li>2020-08-27 <a href="blog/nope-back-to-st">Nope, Back to st</a></li> <li>2020-08-22 <a href="blog/setting-up-weechat-again">Setting Up WeeChat Again with weechat-matrix</a></li> <li>2020-08-21 <a href="blog/my-top-10-most-used-commands">My Top 10 Most Used Commands</a></li> <li>2020-08-14 <a href="blog/the-hacker-quarterly-magazine">The Hacker Quarterly Magazine</a></li> <li>2020-08-13 <a href="blog/ethical-investing">Ethical Investing</a></li> <li>2020-08-12 <a href="blog/choosing-an-investment-brokerage">Choosing An Investment Brokerage</a></li> - <li>2020-08-11 <a href="blog/the-marble-man">The Marble Man</a></li> <li>2020-08-10 <a href="blog/my-preferred-fediverse-mobile-client">My Preferred Fediverse Mobile Client</a></li> <li>2020-08-09 <a href="blog/posting-statuses-on-pleroma-with-a-shell-script">Posting Statuses on Pleroma with a Shell Script</a></li> <li>2020-08-08 <a href="blog/how-to-not-make-an-ass-of-yourself-internet-discussions">How to Not Make an Ass of Yourself in Online Discussions</a></li> @@ -47,9 +45,6 @@ src="/img/feed-icon.png" width="15" height="15" alt="Click for RSS"/> Subscribe <li>2020-08-02 <a href="blog/vortex-vibe-keyboard">The Vortex ViBE Mechanical Keyboard</a></li> <li>2020-07-29 <a href="blog/my-git-server-was-ddosed">My Git Server Was DDoSed</a></li> <li>2020-07-25 <a href="blog/mastodon-to-pleroma-3-shutting-down-mastodon">Mastodon to Pleroma — 3 — Shutting Down Mastodon</a></li> - <li>2020-07-25 <a href="blog/i-was-wrong">I Was Wrong</a></li> - <li>2020-07-24 <a href="blog/switching-to-alacritty">Switching From St to Alacritty</a></li> - <li>2020-07-23 <a href="blog/two-truths-and-a-lie">Two Truths and a Lie</a></li> <li>2020-07-23 <a href="blog/mastodon-to-pleroma-2-customizing-my-instance">Mastodon to Pleroma — 2 — Customizing My Instance</a></li> <li>2020-07-21 <a href="blog/mastodon-to-pleroma-1-setting-up-a-pleroma-server">Mastodon to Pleroma — 1 — Setting up a Pleroma Server</a></li> <li>2020-07-19 <a href="blog/two-months-with-aerc">Two Months with aerc</a></li> @@ -114,7 +109,6 @@ src="/img/feed-icon.png" width="15" height="15" alt="Click for RSS"/> Subscribe <li>2020-05-10 <a href="blog/why-i-love-the-fediverse">Why I Love the Fediverse</a></li> <li>2020-05-09 <a href="blog/submitting-a-bug-report-to-freebsd">Submitting a Bug Report to FreeBSD</a></li> <li>2020-05-08 <a href="blog/cat-v-considered-harmful">Cat -v Considered Harmful</a></li> - <li>2020-05-07 <a href="blog/unsure-what-to-write">Unsure What To Write</a></li> <li>2020-05-07 <a href="blog/the-joys-of-old-tech">The Joys of Old Tech</a></li> <li>2020-05-05 <a href="blog/refining-my-neomutt-config">Refining My NeoMutt Configuration</a></li> <li>2020-05-04 <a href="blog/clone-wars-finale">Star Wars: The Clone Wars Finale</a></li>