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Draft new blog post

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diff --git a/pages/blog/ b/pages/blog/ @@ -21,14 +21,46 @@ IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a communications protocol [created in plain text; no images, no videos, no stickers, no emoji reactions, just good ol' plain text. It was also designed to transmit everything in plain text (i.e. unencrypted) all across the Nets in a time when the use of these computer -networks was limited mostly to universities, governments, and large -corporations. +networks was limited mostly to universities, governments, and large corporations +and Hollywood-style [1337 +h4x0rs]( were just +kids using their modems to make long distance calls for free. Nowadays, IRC is arguably not such a good platform for private personal chats, but that doesn't mean it's not good for other things. ### Plain Text is Good +Arguably the best "feature" of IRC is that it's still all in plain text. [plain +text good] + +### IRC Federates... Sorta + +[explaining IRC federation] + +[different IRC networks still easy to use] + ### Enforcing Encryption +Even though encryption is not mandated by IRC or enabled by default in many +cases, you can enforce encrypted client-server or server-server connections +meaning that all messages in transit are encrypted (usually with TLS) and the +only weakness would be logs on the servers themselves or logs on client +machines. + +[how to have secure chats] + ### What IRC is Good At + +[maybe not so good for interpersonal] + +[good for open collaboration, open source projects] + +### Keep IRC going + +[conclusion, keep it going] + +_This is my ninety-eighth post for the +[#100DaysToOffload]( +challenge. You can learn more about this challenge over at +[](