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Overhaul home page

Mhttp/build/footer.html | 17-----------------
Mhttp/build/header.html | 2--
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diff --git a/http/build/footer.html b/http/build/footer.html @@ -1,21 +1,4 @@ <!-- BEGINNING OF FOOTER --> </main> -<footer id="footer"> - <hr> - <a class="debian-banner" href=""><img - class="debian-banner" - src="/img/debian-openlogo-75.png" - alt="Powered by Debian"></a> - <a class="eff-banner" href=""><img - class="eff-banner" - src="/img/eff-join2_0.png" - alt="Join the EFF!"></a> - <p> - All content on this website (the html/css/images/etc) is licensed under the - <a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0 International License</a>. - All code for this website (the javascript) is licensed under the - <a href="">GNU GPL-3.0-or-later</a>. - </p> -</footer> </body> </html> diff --git a/http/build/header.html b/http/build/header.html @@ -26,10 +26,8 @@ <a href="/blog">Blog</a> <a href="/links">Links</a> <a href="/projects">Projects</a> - <a href="/about">About</a> <a href="/uses">Uses</a> <a href="/now">Now</a> - <a href="/contact">Contact</a> </nav> <hr> <main> diff --git a/http/pages/ b/http/pages/ @@ -1,175 +0,0 @@ -## About This Site - -[//]: # "The leading design goals and principles behind" - -[//]: # "main.min.css" - -[//]: # "Introduction; Licensing; Privacy; Design; The Technical Side; Current Uptime Statistics; Web Badges" - -**Note:** Nothing on this website represents the views or beliefs of my -employer(s). - -### Introduction - -The design of this reflects my opinions and beliefs. I believe that spying on or -tracking users without their informed consent is wrong, I believe that the -internet is made worse by current advertising and web design practices, I -believe in giving back to the wider world the things that I have learned without -hassle, and I believe that anything I make available should be able to be freely -shared, modified, redistributed, and hacked on. The world is made better when -people can freely exchange information, ideas, and beliefs. - -### Licensing - -The code for this website (including the JavaScript) is licensed under the -GPL-3.0-or-later. The content for this website is licensed under the Creative -Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. I have no problem with -people sharing or doing what they want with the things that I post or make -available on the website, so long as they don't try to pass off the work as -their own and don't try to make it closed-source. - -### Privacy - -This site respects your privacy. There are no tracking cookies, social media -buttons, or fingerprinting scripts. I've even turned off logging on my web -server which means I'm not even storing your User Agent or IP address. I store -nothing, know nothing, and share nothing about you. This is one of the few sites -left on the Internet where you can feel safe from the prying eyes of the likes -of Google and Facebook. - -### Design - -I designed this website with the principles of minimalism and simplicity in -mind. There is no client-side JavaScript except where necessary on project -pages, the server backend is simply nginx serving static pages, and I've taken -steps to optimize the pages so that they load quickly and aren't heavy. I took -an article by Drew DeVault on [Conservative web -development]( -as inspiration for the philosophy behind the design of this website as well as -sources such as the [Viewable with Any Browser -campaign]( - -I also try as hard as I can to make sure that my website is as accessible to -anybody with any sort of disability. I have put a lot of time and effort into -[making my website more -accessible]( and I constantly -test with validators, screen reader software, and other browsers (especially -text-only ones) to try to achieve this goal. - -### The Technical Side - -The website's backend server is nginx running on a Debian 10 Buster virtual -machine which is hosted on my Dell R415 server located in my house. If the site -appears down without any warning, it's safe to assume that it's due to factors -outside of my control like ISP infrastructure failures or a power-outage which -would cause the server to shut down to prevent data loss. - -The pages themselves all statically compiled and are written in Markdown with -bits of HTML added where needed. Each page is then compiled into pure HTML, has -a header and footer stuck on to it, gets its title, meta description, and CSS -links set, plus a table of contents is added if necessary, then the page is -released as a fully-formed HTML webpage. I do it this way because writing in -Markdown makes it near effortless to write without needing to consider the -structure of the page like I would if I had to place `<p>` or `<h3>` tags -manually. - -The CSS for the website is sent through a CSS minifier to make it as small as -possible for serving to clients. The service I use is called -[]( and is interacted with through their -API from my webpage compilation script. I do the same thing with PNGs through -[]( although this is a more manual process right -now. - -The static pages of my website are generated by a shell script that I wrote -specifically for my website which makes heavy use of *nix tools such as `sed`. I -also have a script that I wrote to publish posts to my site/RSS feeds in which I -even got to use `ed` ([the standard text -editor]( for the first time. You can -view these scripts in all their <del>horror</del> glory in the [repository for -this site]( -([mirror]( - -Of course I could use a static site generator like [Hugo]( or -some other program but I enjoy doing things myself as a challenge and as a way -to learn. Plus, I find it very fun to hack on scripts like these. - -Once the pages and necessary accompanying files are created and compiled, the -files are uploaded to the web server into a folder called `uploads/` using the -command `rsync -rR` so that the parent folders are also copied along with the -file. On the web server, a script runs which detects changes in the `uploads/` -directory and copies the files it finds, maintaining the folder structure, into -the directory from which the site is served. - -### Current Uptime Statistics - -The statistics below are updated once every hour, on the hour (time is EST/EDT, -Ontario, Canada): - -If the statistics below appear as a bunch of `X`s then this page has just been -freshly compiled and re-uploaded. Please wait for the information to be filled -in on the hour. - -<pre><code>System startups: XX since XX:XX:XX XX/XX/XX -System shutdowns: XX ok <- X bad -System uptime: XX.XX % - XXX days, XX hours, XX minutes and XX seconds -System downtime: X.XX % - X hours, XX minutes and XX seconds -System life: XXX days, XX hours, XX minutes and X seconds - -Largest uptime: XX days, XX hours, XX minutes and XX seconds from XX:XX:XX XX/XX/XX -Shortest uptime: XX seconds from XX:XX:XX XX/XX/XX -Average uptime: X days, XX hours, X minutes and XX seconds - -Largest downtime: X hour, X minute and XX seconds from XX:XX:XX XX/XX/XX -Shortest downtime: X seconds from XX:XX:XX XX/XX/XX -Average downtime: X minutes and XX seconds - -Current uptime: X hour, XX minutes and XX seconds since XX:XX:XX XX/XX/XX -</code></pre> - -### Web Badges - -The badges/buttons below are meant to indicate the goals and aspirations behind -the design of the website. Also, they're fun. It's like putting stickers on your -laptop but for a website. - -<figure class="badge"> - <a href=""> - <img style="border:0;width:88px;height:31px" - src="img/valid-rss-rogers.png" - alt="Valid RSS Feeds" /></a> -</figure> - -<figure class="badge"> - <a href=""> - <img style="border:0;width:88px;height:31px" - src="img/cc-by-sa-4.0.png" - alt="Creative Commons License" /></a> -</figure> - -<figure class="badge"> - <a href=""> - <img style="border:0;width:85px;height:33px" - src="img/button_takeone.png" - alt="Open Content" /></a> -</figure> - -<figure class="badge"> - <a href=""> - <img style="border:0;width:80px;height:15px" - src="img/anybrowser.png" - alt="Viewable With Any Browser" /></a> -</figure> - -<figure class="badge"> - <a href=""> - <img style="border:0;width:80px;height:15px" - src="img/hacker.png" - alt="Hacker Emblem" /></a> -</figure> - -<figure class="badge"> - <a href=""> - <img style="border:0;width:80px;height:15px" - src="img/canadian.png" - alt="A Canadian Website" /></a> -</figure> diff --git a/http/pages/ b/http/pages/ @@ -1,55 +0,0 @@ -## About Me - -[//]: # "I am a student of computer science with a strong interest in computer security, networking, and low-level stuff. I enjoy programming, figuring out how systems work, and completing hacking challenges when I have the time." - -[//]: # "main.min.css" - -[//]: # - -* [What I'm up to now](/now) -* [Software and tools I use daily](/uses) -* [About the design and philosophy behind this website](/about-site) - -My name is Jake though I usually go by the handle "jbauer" online. I am a -student of computer science with a strong interest in computer security, -networking, and low-level stuff. I enjoy programming, figuring out how systems -work, and completing hacking challenges when I have/make the time. I try to -program software with simplicity and accessibility in mind. - -My spare time is usually occupied with learning, programming, gardening, or -getting outside. I also enjoy watching talks from conferences and listening to -technology podcasts such as [Darknet Diaries]( and -those from [Jupiter Broadcasting]( to -expose me to new ideas and ways of thinking. I try to keep up with the goings on -in the Linux community by reading []( of which I am a -subscriber. Additionally, I write the occasional blog post expressing my views -on various subjects or documenting my technological encounters/adventures. Those -can be found on [the blog page](/blog). - -I am a staunch supporter of online freedom, privacy rights, and the advancement -of society through free and open access to information and knowledge. These are -the main reasons why I advocate for free (as in freedom) software and why I -support the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Wikimedia Foundation through -monetary contributions. If you also share these values and have the means to -donate, I would encourage you to also make either a time- or money-based -contribution to those organizations or other organizations with similar values. - -I think that about covers a brief overview of who I am and what I like. Have a -look at the extra links at the top of the page to learn more. - -### Geek Code - -The Geek Code is a humorous way to tell other geeks a bit about myself in the -context of geekiness. (It lacks a bit of nuance, so don't take it too -seriously). - -[Click here to create your own]( or [click here -to decode my Geek Code]( - -``` ------BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK----- -Version: 3.1 -GCS/TW/O d-(+) s:- a-- C++(+++) UL+++/++++ P+>+++ L+++>++++ E--- W--(++) N+ o? -K- w--- O? M-- V? PS+/++ PE-- Y++ PGP+ t++@ 5? X? R !tv b+ DI+@ D G e>++ h+ r y? -------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------ -``` diff --git a/http/pages/ b/http/pages/ @@ -1,40 +0,0 @@ -## Contact - -[//]: # "Contact information for" - -[//]: # "main.min.css" - -[//]: # - -### Personal - -To get into contact with me personally, send me an email at -[]( You can get my GPG keys using -the []( keyserver (recommended), or by -[downloading them directly]( The master -public key should have the following fingerprint: - -<pre><code>8A55 347B 2845 6BA7 0E43 B864 C3EB 9CAF 610B B4FB -</code></pre> - -To send feedback, comment on an article or the content of a page, or to let me -know that you've posted something that refers to my site and you want to draw my -attention to it (e.g. a reply to one of my blog posts), send me an email or let -me know via <a rel="me" href="">Pleroma</a>. - -### Technical or Domain-related - -Please use the appropriate email address below to report relevant issues: - -* []( - Innapropriate public - behaviour such as spam originating from this domain. -* []( - Report security - issues. -* []( - Report DNS-related - issues. -* []( - Report - email-related issues. -* []( - Report - website-related issues. -* []( - The same as webmaster. -* []( - Other domain-related issues. diff --git a/http/pages/ b/http/pages/ @@ -6,56 +6,69 @@ [//]: # -This is the personal website and blog of Jake Bauer. I also host a [git -server]( and a [file sharing -server]( You can also find me on <a rel="me" -href="">my Pleroma instance</a>. - -I also maintain a [personal geminispace](gemini:// which contains -an almost-perfect mirror of this website. - -<div class="feed-wrapper"> - <h3 class="feed-title">What's New:</h3> - <a class="rss-icon" href="/feeds/sitewide-feed.xml"> <img - src="/img/feed-icon.png" width="15" height="15" alt="Click for RSS Feed"/> </a> -</div> -2020-12-10 <a class="feed-item" href="blog/flip-phone-challenge-complete">Flip Phone Challenge Complete</a> - -2020-11-30 <a class="feed-item" href="blog/flip-phone-challenge">One Week Flip Phone Challenge</a> - -2020-11-02 <a class="feed-item" href="blog/gemini-is-up-and-running">Gemini is Up and Running</a> - -2020-09-24 <a class="feed-item" href="blog/gomux-is-the-best-cli-matrix-client">Gomuks is the Best CLI Matrix Client</a> - -2020-08-30 <a class="feed-item" href="blog/why-irc-is-still-good">Why IRC is Still Good in $CURRENT_YEAR</a> - -2020-08-29 <a class="feed-item" href="blog/btw-i-use-arch">BTW, I Use Arch</a> - -2020-08-27 <a class="feed-item" href="blog/nope-back-to-st">Nope, Back to st</a> - -2020-08-22 <a class="feed-item" href="blog/setting-up-weechat-again">Setting Up WeeChat Again with weechat-matrix</a> - -2020-08-21 <a class="feed-item" href="blog/my-top-10-most-used-commands">My Top 10 Most Used Commands</a> - -2020-08-14 <a class="feed-item" href="blog/the-hacker-quarterly-magazine">The Hacker Quarterly Magazine</a> - -### What is a Parity Bit? - -It is a bit (in the 1's and 0's sense) used in checking for errors in digital -transmissions. It is the simplest form of error detection in this respect being -only able to detect one error. Wikipedia has [a great article on Parity -bits]( if you would like to learn more. - -### Disclaimer: - -This website is self hosted on hardware that I own and manage myself. If you -consider anything on this site worth more than a simple bookmark, you should -probably save it (or you could recompile the pages yourself through cloning the -git repository). I will try to post a large banner across all of the pages when -the website is scheduled to go down but not all downtime is planned and the -website will sometimes restart on its own to apply security updates. - -You can see the uptime statistics of this website on the [About -Site](about-site) page at the bottom. - -Nothing on this website represents the views or beliefs of my employer(s). +Welcome! My name is Jake though I usually go by "jbauer" online. I am a student +of computer science, sysadmin, and staunch supporter of online freedom, privacy +rights, and free and open access to information and knowledge. This site serves +as my personal blog and project showcase. + +### Blog + +I blog mostly about technology and computing. I also took part in +[#100DaysToOffload]( in 2020. My posts can be +found [on the blog page]( Here is a showcase of +the blog posts I am most proud of: + +* [Why IRC is Still Good in $CURRENT_YEAR]( +* [Why Email is the Best Discussion Platform]( +* [Choosing a Self-Hosted Git Service]( +* [Paying for Software]( +* [The Joys of Old Tech]( +* [A Month-and-a-Half of Self-Hosted Email]( +* [Are TODO Applications a Waste of Time?]( +* [Why I Hate The Term “Modern”]( +* [My Journey With Computers]( +* [How to Not Make an Ass of Yourself in Online Discussions]( + +### About This Site + +This webbed site is a static site created by me and generated from Markdown +files using [Pandoc]( with my POSIX shell-based static site +generator. It's designed to be lightweight and accessible and does not store +cookies in your browser or track you. You can also view this site using the +[Gemini protocol]( at: +[gemini://](gemini:// + +Unless otherwise stated, all content on this website is licensed under the [CC +BY-SA 4.0 International +License]( All code on and for +this website is licensed under the [GNU +GPL-3.0-or-later]( The source code is +available on [SourceHut]( and +[]( + +### Contact + +I can be contacted through many methods but the most reliable is email. In no +particular order, I can be contacted using: + +* Email: []( +* IRC: `jbauer` on [](irc:// +* Fediverse: []( +* XMPP/Matrix: I have to know you to give out this information. + +If you're contacting me via email, please use PGP if you can. My keys are on +[]( or available via direct download +at: []( It has +the following fingerprint: + +``` +8A55 347B 2845 6BA7 0E43 B864 C3EB 9CAF 610B B4FB +``` + +If you're contacting me using XMPP, please use OMEMO if you can. My device +fingerprints are as follows: + +``` +Desktop: 7912fdcd-ceb91d48-e1c05df0-618ed41e-53cbbd4d-407c9214-5e3bb507-dcbe4748 +Laptop: 00a452f4-c506e87f-97c3c993-ca904a76-aba56d70-9a1a8652-e48da863-ad661976 +``` diff --git a/http/public/img/debian-openlogo-75.png b/http/public/img/debian-openlogo-75.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/http/style/main.css b/http/style/main.css @@ -10,7 +10,6 @@ --hov-link: #80ccff; --notice-bg: #224499; --border-dark: #585858; - --font-size: 100%; --small-font: 0.8rem; --large-font: 1.1rem; --line-height: 1.3rem; @@ -23,16 +22,15 @@ html { body { background-color: var(--bg); color: var(--fg); - font-family: "DejaVu Sans", "Open Sans", "Noto Sans", "Roboto", "Droid Sans", sans-serif; - font-size: var(--font-size); + font-family: sans-serif; line-height: var(--line-height); - max-width: 40rem; - margin: auto; - padding: 0rem 0.7rem; + max-width: 72ch; + margin: 0 auto; + padding: 0.5em 0 3em 0; } h3, h4, h5, h6 { - margin: 2em 0 1em 0; + margin: 1.5em 0 1em 0; } h2 { @@ -136,27 +134,10 @@ th { background-color: var(--bg-bright); } -.badge { - display: inline-block; - margin: 5px; -} - .byline { font-size: var(--small-font); } -.eff-banner { - float: right; - width: 75px; - height: 75px; -} - -.debian-banner { - float: left; - width: 68px; - height: 85px; -} - .rss-icon { display: inline-block; margin-left: 0.5em; @@ -167,14 +148,6 @@ th { height: 1rem; } -.feed-wrapper { - margin-bottom: -1em; -} - -.feed-title { - display: inline-block; -} - .note { background-color: var(--notice-bg); color: var(--fg-bright); @@ -211,16 +184,6 @@ th { padding-left: 1em; } -#footer { - clear: both; -} - -#footer > p { - text-align: center; - font-size: var(--small-font); - padding: 0em 6em; -} - @media print { body { font-size: 16px;