A simple python-based XMPP bot.
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,3 +1,24 @@ # Python XMPP Bot -WIP +This is an XMPP Bot written in Python. It's currently in the "alpha" stage of +development and is being actively worked on. It is currently in a working state +and can be deployed to servers, but there may be breaking changes in subsequent +versions so read the release notes carefully. + +## Installation + +There isn't really a procedure to install the bot at the moment. You will need +to clone this repo, `pip install xmpppy pytz` (or similar), fill out the config +file and rename it to `botconfig.json`, and then run the bot on your server. +Make sure you have already created an account on your XMPP server for your bot. + +## Using + +The bot can be invited to an XMPP group chat the same way one would invite any +other person. Once the bot is in the chat, run `.tbhelp` for a list of commands +the bot can do. + +The users who have been configured as admins in the `botconfig.json` file can +also see additional commands by messaging the bot directly with the `.tbhelp` +command. Admin users can run these additional commands by messaging the bot +directly (they will not work from within a group chat).