A simple, terminal-based email client.
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,34 @@ +# smc + +The simple mail client + +This project is a fork of mail(1) from OpenBSD. + +## Reasoning + +Most email clients suck. I don't know why email in particular has been plagued +with such terrible MUA implementations, but the current landscape is full of +either bloated programs with far too much going on (Thunderbird, Kmail), or +programs that are unnecessarily complicated and require a lot of configuration +(mutt, alpine). + +I want an email client with the following features: + +* Limited configuration required +* Sane configuration out of the box +* CLI interface to make browsing and reading emails painless and straightforward +* Features one needs to deal with the current landscape of email (many messages, + html email, attachments) + +## Roadmap + +Here are the modifications I want to make to mail(1): + +* Maildir support (intended to be used with a program like mbsync) +* HTML email support by way of passing to an external program for rendering + (e.g. lynx, w3m) +* Reverse display of headers so the default is to display a limited set of + important headers (From:, To:, Subject:, Date:, Content-Type:) +* View email using a pager by default +* Parse out attachments and allow easy saving +* Attach files to an email when composing