A simple, terminal-based email client.
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      1 # smc
      3 A Simple Mail Client.
      5 This project is a fork of mail(1) from OpenBSD 7.0.
      7 My changes to the source code are licensed under the ISC License, but much of
      8 the code retains its original BSD-3-clause license from UCB.
     10 ## Reasoning
     12 Most email clients suck. I don't know why email in particular has been plagued
     13 with such terrible MUA implementations, but the current landscape is full of
     14 either bloated programs with far too much going on (Thunderbird, Kmail), or
     15 programs that are unnecessarily complicated and require a lot of configuration
     16 (mutt, alpine).
     18 I want an email client with the following features:
     20 * Limited configuration required
     21 * Sane configuration out of the box
     22 * CLI interface to make browsing and reading emails painless and straightforward
     23 * Features one needs to deal with the current landscape of email (many messages,
     24   html email, attachments)
     26 ## Roadmap
     28 Here are the modifications I want to make to mail(1):
     30 * Maildir support (intended to be used with a program like mbsync)
     31 * HTML email support by way of passing to an external program for rendering
     32   (e.g. lynx, w3m)
     33 * Reverse display of headers so the default is to display a limited set of
     34   important headers (From:, To:, Subject:, Date:, Content-Type:)
     35 * View email using a pager by default
     36 * Parse out attachments and allow easy saving
     37 * Attach files to an email when composing