A simple ncurses-based tool to interact with a task list.
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README.md (1907B)

      1 # Taskurse
      3 Taskurse is a simple, ncurses-based tool to interact with a task list.
      5 The name is a portmanteau of "task" and "curse" (from "ncurses"). It is
      6 pronounced like tas-curse or /'tæs.kɝs/.
      8 ## Motivation
     10 I wanted a simple tool that would let me visualize a list of tasks to complete
     11 on my PC (I would normally use pen and paper for this). Unfortunately, it seems
     12 that almost every tool wants to be an all-in-one task
     13 management+scheduler+reminder tool or seems to be written in a very bloated
     14 language and I simply don't need such complexity.
     16 My most common usecase for this tool is to keep a list of what needs to get done
     17 when I am programming or writing blog posts. For example, I can make a list of
     18 features to implement in a file, and run `taskurse features.txt` in a terminal
     19 to allow me to very easily manage that list in a more visually pleasing format
     20 than having the file open in Vim or Emacs and using a macro.
     22 I wanted to create a tool that could do a few simple things, outlined below:
     24 ## Features
     26 * Simple text-based task file
     27   - One task per line
     28   - Line starts with `x ` if task complete
     29   - Content of the line is the content of the task
     30 * Ability to mark/unmark tasks as complete in the UI
     31 * Ability to insert items to the list
     32 * Ability to delete items from the list
     33 * List auto-saves after every action
     34 * Easy-to-use UI with keybindings displayed on-screen
     35   - h,j,k,l and arrow keys for navigation
     36   - spacebar to mark/unmark tasks as complete
     37   - q,^C to quit the program
     38 * Very simple command-line usage: `taskurse <file>` is all you need
     40 ## Installing
     42 Instructions coming soon.
     44 ## Contributing
     46 Feel free to send your patches to ${MAILING_LIST_COMING_SOON}. If you want to
     47 introduce a new feature but I don't feel that it fits with my goals for this
     48 project, please feel free to fork this project and mould it to your needs.
     49 That's what FOSS is about, after all.