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Remove Troubleshooting section in README

It's no longer necessary since regular 0-15 terminal colours are not
used anymore. Everything is defined in terms of 256-colour numbers so
there shouldn't be any colour conflicts or weird behaviour. (Shouldn't

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -32,12 +32,3 @@ or, for the light version: ``` colorscheme monochrome-light ``` - -### Troubleshooting - -If things don't look quite right on your system, take a look inside at the -colours being defined and tweak things as needed. These colour schemes largely -use what is defined as colour 0, colour 15, and a few other common colours to -make Vim feel cohesive with the rest of your terminal if you're running with -`notermguicolors`, but you may want to tweak them further to make things fit for -your specific configuration.